Fat Loss: Some Gain, Some Lose

We all know someone who can eat anything they want and not gain an ounce. We also all know someone who has to stick to a rigid diet, and even then weight loss or even maintenance is a struggle. We differ as individuals in how we each respond to either overfeeding or dieting. Some partition calories more readily to fat cells than others, and some up their calorie use in response to overfeeding.  Some have it far easier than others for genetic, biological, and physiological reasons.

Even behavioral factors come into play here because some are better at making wise choices than others, and for some this may be part of their makeup. We all have the ability to change our behavior, but it takes time and many give up before new habits become routine.

We can’t change what we were given as far as genetics, but we can change our activity levels, our food intake, and how much sleep we get. There is a lot in our quest for fitness that we can’t change, and that shouldn’t be our focus. Looking in the mirror and being unhappy about having certain family traits you feel are undesirable is an exercise in futility. There are changes we can make, and that should always be the focus of a fat loss diet plan.

Some have bodies that are programmed to go into preservation mode metabolically very quickly. This can be countered with more frequent refeeds to keep the metabolism running well. There are those who find that eating makes them want to eat more, and this can be countered with either larger, less frequent feedings, or intermittent fasting.

Insulin sensitivity may determine what type of diet might be best under a given set of circumstances for a given individual. If you are highly insulin sensitive, then a diet higher in carbohydrate may yield the best results. If you have insulin resistance, the a ketogenic diet will serve you well.

My point is that there are numerous factors stacked against most of us when it comes to getting lean, but a methodical and thought out approach can counter any those negatives. It’s not a simple as just pushing harder when the odds are up against you. It’s more a case of finding a different road to the desired location. It may not be the same way that someone else got there, but ultimately it’s your battle, and only your results matter.

Happy Lifting!

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