Speaks With Fitness Model & Athlete Colin Erwin


Name: Colin “Wayne”
Age: 23
Height: 6’1
Weight: 215lbs
Style: Competitor

How did you get started with Fitness/Bodybuilding?

Before I went to Iraq, my friend told me to find a hobby to keep you busy overseas. So I picked up bodybuilding and haven’t stopped since then, and that was 2009.
What motivates you, where does your motivation come from? I was always small framed growing up, I joined the military in 2006 and was 145lbs soaking wet. Ever since I deployed to Iraq and seeing bigger guys in the gym, I told myself I can be that guy. Now I’m an NPC Physique competitor, striving for my IFBB pro card. It’s motivating to see your body constantly changing for the better.

What is your current workout routine? I target muscle groups every day.

Monday- Chest day, mostly incline movements
Wednesday- Hamstrings/calves
Thursday- Shoulders/traps
Friday- biceps/triceps
Saturday- Quads/calves
Sunday- OFF

What is your current Diet regime?

High protein, High Fats and no carbs.


Do you use any supplements or supplementation?

Dymatize ISO 100, BSN Amino X, Multi vitamin, and Fish oil pills daily

When trying to cut what type of cardio do you prefer? i.e HIIT or standard cardio?

I do HIIT every day for 15 minutes on the treadmill, or going to a nearby mountain and doing sprint intervals.

Do you have any short term or long term goals?

Short term; win my show at Northern Kentucky on March 16th. Long term- Jr USA’s in May receive my IFBB pro card.

Do you have any advice for beginners getting into fitness/bodybuilding?

Target muscle groups, don’t take 10 protein shakes a day (get your protein from foods) and don’t forget leg day lol.

Do you have any favourite quotes?

“Train insane, or stay the same”


Fun Quick Questions For Our Readers

Favorite color: Green
Favorite cheat meal: Pizza from mellow mushroom (meat lovers)
Favorite TV Show?: Favorite TV show is Duck Dynasty
Do you have any pets? I have 1 rottweiler and 1 pug (my wifes)

Final Words?

Eat Clean, Train Dirty

How to reach Colin Erwin:

You can reach me on:
Facebook –
Twitter – @colinwayne1
Instagram – @colinwayne1
Pinterest – @colinwayne

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