Are We Obsessed With Body Image?

I was watching a commercial this morning for The Real Housewives of Vancouver when a thought struck me, but first I need to explain everything I just said. When a 15 month old with the sniffles has had you up most of the night, at some point you give up and get up. It’s almost gym time anyway.

So getting back to the thought related to The Real Housewives of Vancouver, and not that I’m implying that any of the main characters on the show have had any cosmetic work done, but it struck me how we truly are an image obsessed society always looking for a quick fix. Physical appearance, specifically being thin, is something that we seem to hold in very high regard. It is also something that could be considered unhealthy, or at least the way that a lot of people go about getting and staying skinny could be seen as unhealthy.

By we of course I mean the collective we. The society we. The rest of us that willingly undertake the hard work involved in order to make a physical transformation that reflects a healthy mind, body and soul, well we are a different animal altogether.

We as a majority believe our outer appearance should be a reflection of our inner state. An inner state that includes a strong mind, and a soul that is being well nourished through enriching experience and interaction with others that share our enthusiasm for life. Of course our physical appearance will be very much defined by our attitude, and work ethic in whatever athletic endeavor we pursue.

That athletic pursuit is also a reflection of a strong mind, and a well fed, enriched soul. We aren’t dragging ourselves to the gym when we’re tired unless we have a mental state that is well grounded, and a great attitude as well. We won’t reap the rewards of our accomplishments unless our soul is open to new experiences either.

As you can see, the complete package really does include all three components of our being working together to make us whole. To make us who we are. Body, mind, and soul becoming a strong person has a lot more value to the world than a thin body does.

Quick fixes are just that. They are quick, and they are a fix. Fix is taking on a few different meanings in this scenario, unfortunately. The way I see it is if we’re serious about building ourselves into the best us that we can be, what’s there to fix? Just take life one day at a time just as we would our training or diet. Take it seriously and there will be nothing in need of fixing. We’ll already be great.

Happy Lifting!

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