Libido Enhancing Vitamins for Women

One of the biggest culprits to hit a woman’s libido, or lack thereof, is hormonal imbalance. When levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone fall into erratic patterns as a natural result of pregnancy, menopause or menstrual cycle, sex drive can diminish as a result. Instead of getting frustrated, here are a few vitamins to try and see if the spark can be reignited.

Vitamin B-6 helps regulate the hormonal levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, and helps to keep cycles of these hormones running smoothly. It also helps lower the levels of prolactin in the body, another substance that can lower libido. When the hormones are in balance and prolactin is in check, then good things are more likely to happen.

Vitamin B-3 also plays a role in enhancing libido, by increasing a  blood flow to  sexual organs. That makes her more likely to respond to touch and achieve orgasm. The best bet for a woman experiencing loss of libido is to take a B-complex supplement, which will help stimulate blood flow, regulate hormonal levels, and increase overall energy.

You probably wouldn’t think to associate testosterone with females, but this hormone plays a vital role in a woman’s sex drive. If testosterone levels are lacking, then the libido will be as well. Zinc has been shown to play a vital role in the synthesis of testosterone, and also may help give a woman that little boost she needs to increase sexual function. Simply adding foods that are rich in zinc to the diet helps many achieve noticeable results, and provide an energy boost as well that is beneficial for men and women alike. These may include pumpkin seeds, brown rice, cashews, and the legendary aphrodisiac: oysters.

There may be psychological factors that can be a factor in a sudden drop of libido. If a woman has low energy levels overall, the problem may well be a magnesium deficiency. This mineral is important for providing oxygen flow to the muscles, and increasing endurance, which is an important consideration in the bedroom if marathon sessions are the norm. Another major benefit that can play a big role in enhancing libido is the effect it has on a woman’s ability to relax. By reducing stress while at the same time enhancing blood flow and oxygen absorption, magnesium makes  a very good case for itself to be included in any woman’s shopping cart. Pumpkin seeds, also rich in zinc, are quite the powerhouse when it comes to magnesium as well, meaning perhaps they should be ranked highly with foods such as oysters on the list of aphrodisiacs. Other magnesium-rich foods include spinach, Swiss chard, and soybeans.
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