Lighter Side: Why I Don’t Leap, Jump or Bound

A friend asked me recently what I did to stay fit. I was honored to be asked. You see I’m not bodybuilder ripped, nor am I super model thin. I’m kind of a normal woman, maybe a little firmer than a lot at my age, but by no means extraordinary.

I do have to pay careful attention to what I eat, but I like to think that I do it primarily for my health, and of course, to set a good example for my kids. And make no mistake, I do spend a LOT of time working out.

So when this friend asked me what I do to stay in shape, I wanted to give her a well thought out answer. An answer that I hoped might motivate her, and to prove to her that there is a fitness regime for everyone and for all body types.

For some people it’s easy… not the fitness part, just the slimness part. For the rest of us it’s a lot more work. This particular friend of mine and I have similar builds… womanly, I like to call it.

As I made mental notes of how I would describe my work out to her, I thought about what some of my other friends did to stay fit.

I have one friend, who despite her really sucky knees, continues to run, and run FAST I might add. She is built like an athlete… even when she slows down her running schedule, usually because of her traitorous knees, she stays quite lean and trim.

I have another friend who works out at home, gently, to the point of me wanting to poke her with a stick kind of gently, but it seems to work for her. And yet another friend who just loves Body Pump classes. I am NOT a classes kind of girl… but that’s a topic for another day.

I realized that we all do what we need to do, WHATEVER it is that we need to do, to stay fit. There are so many different forms of exercise. Truly a style for every body type and preference.

I choose a low impact form of cardio, be it fast walking, spinning or eliptical. I pair that with weight lifting. I would like to choose no form of cardio, but that ain’t happenin’ regardless of how often I consider the idea.

Occasionally, my trainer will suggest I do something utterly ludicrous – like leap two footed onto a bench and back down again.  REPEATEDLY! Or even more hilariously, a burpee (I mean honestly, even just the name!) HA! Over my dead body I think, as I frown at him.

I respect my trainer very much, but invariably my response to these unlikely requests is  to tell him that “I am built for pleasure, not for speed.” His response to this is to replace the fifteen pound dumbbells in my hands for twenty five pounders. I’m very happy to report that this alteration works just fine.

So even though I choose to neither leap, jump nor bound, I’ve found what works for me. It’s not easy work, but if it were, I don’t suppose it would feel worth it.

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Happy Lifting!

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