Body Composition: The BEST Muscle Building Fat Loss Supplement

You take all the supplements under the sun. You train like a demon. But are you forgetting about WATER? One of the most easily accessible and important muscle builders of them all? DAYNE HUDSON tells you why that liquid that comes out of the tap is just as important as the stuff that comes out of your local supplement store.

WHETHER muscle-building or just ALL ROUND health is your goal – WATER must be a thought about part of your diet.

A recent study out of Loma Linda University discovered that subjects who had five or more 240 millilitre glasses of water PER DAY were 54 percent LESS LIKELY to die from a heart attack than those who had TWO glasses a day or less.

And the best part? It’s FREE.

Your body consists of 65 to 70 percent water, but what about your muscles?

How does between 70 to 80 percent sound?!

That’s right. And hydration is the key for not just those looking to pack on muscle mass – but to get lean as well.


A study out of Germany in 1997 found that protein synthesis occurs at a HIGHER rate in muscle cells that are well hydrated compared to those which are dehydrated. So if you’re dehydrated, your body will take LONGER to use protein to build muscles.

WATER also assists in the vital minerals and nutrients finding their way to your muscle cells. It will also help you with your STRENGTH levels too.

Your STRENGTH will decrease by up to 15 percent if your hydration levels drop even just three percent. Your levels of ENERGY will also fade if your are not adequately hydrated!

WATER will also assist with the benefits of taking CREATINE.

WATER is what is drawn into your muscles CREATINE is ingested – delivering MORE nutrients and goodies for optimal muscle gains.

So make sure you have plenty of WATER so your CREATINE can work its magic!


Within your body is a substance called SYNOVIAL FLUID which is a lubricating material found in many of your joints. To help deal with the wear and tear of your hardcore training proper water levels are vital to assist with the lubrication and correct functioning of your muscles, so that any possibility of injuries is kept at bay.


Drinking lots of water and having a bottle with you AT ALL TIMES is an important habit to get into. You’re LESS likely to overeat when you’re sculling water all day and you’re LESS likely to get cravings when your stomach is full with water.

The fact that water will help you grow muscle – will also help you stay lean, because the more MUSCLE you have the more FAT you burn. Simple.


Shoot for around three to four litres PER DAY.


You bet!

Since I began really focusing on my water levels I’ve noticed a HUGE increase in the amount of energy I have – especially when it comes to training time.

Begin with three litres per day and work your way up if the idea of lots of water is new to you. Shoot for around for to five litres if you weigh MORE than 100 kilograms.

You might spend a lot of money on supplements, time in the gym and hours reading vital information. But sometimes it’s the REALLY SIMPLE THINGS that need to be accounted for, so you can be pushed further in the right direction and closer to your goals.

Sometimes it’s not about what we KNOW – but rather what we DO.


Happy Lifting!

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