My Journey: Obstacles

Reg Park Beginner Workout
Reg Park Beginner Workout

One of the most often asked questions I get when I tell people my eventual goal is why? Why so much weight loss? Why do I want to compete? Why do I want to be a natural bodybuilder? Why go to Illinois to do it? My answer is always the same, why not?

Why so much weight loss? This past week I weighed in at 179 pounds. I can’t remember the last time I weighed 179 pounds. I’ve never felt better, and I’ve still got a long way to go! I’m not starving, because I eat plenty of food all day. The difference is now I just eat differently! It seems like SO much because I was SO overweight for SO long!

Why compete? I want to compete because I want to see if I CAN compete. I want to push myself mentally and physically to the limit, and see how my new body compares.

Why natural? I want to compete as a natural bodybuilder because I don’t need any enhancement to help me. I didn’t have an enhanced burger to help me get fat, so I don’t need enhancement to take it off! Also the fact that I have a family, a partner, a son, a job, a home, a reputation – all these things mean far more to me than being a bodybuilder.

That is just my opinion. I’m not trying to take a shot at people who use them because I know many and they’re normal, great people just like you or I! I would just rather do all of this naturally. I want to do this to the best of my ability and reap the rewards of the experience.

I’m going to Illinois for a couple reasons. One reason I’m going is to try to repay the huge debt I owe JC. He told me if I want to pay him back, come compete at the HOA Natural Classic, win my division, and we would be square.

The second is for the adventure. This entire journey that I have jumped into head first has been full of unknowns and new experiences, and so far everything has turned out for the better. In the past I would have considered this oppertunity briefly, and then thought of a million excuses why not to go. I can still think of a million reasons why not to go. Money and time being the two biggest! To do this I have to step out of my comfort zone and proceed with my planned trip. If all goes to plan I will go to Illinois and win.

By far the biggest reason I want to do all of this is for my family, specifically my son. He will be a year old on the 15th of December – that’s the day this is posted actually! Happy Birthday Grayson! While he’s not old enough to recognize it yet, someday in the future I’d like him to come to shows and see me up there and be proud that I’m his dad, doing something I love doing, and hopefully being successful at it. I dream of the day I can bring my son to the gym with me to workout. Until then I will have to show him what can be accomplished through hard work and determination, and with the help and support from your family and friends.

I’ve also had a lot of people tell me what I can’t do during the early part of my journey. You’re too old to start bodybuilding. You’re too out of shape. You’ll never have the definition you need. You can’t just start competing. Why even bother, you won’t win anything. All are comments that I have heard over the past year and some are even from friends and family.

I don’t take these things personally or as insults. They’re just more hurdles to overcome. I know what I am capable of and as May grows closer and the fat continues to melt away, it only makes me hungrier to prove every single person wrong. The doubt that others have make me want it that much more.

My message to anyone who has to deal with others doubting them is to use that doubt as motivation to reach your goals. Don’t others doubt prevent you from following your dreams. You can do anything if you want it badly enough. You don’t believe me? Come to Illinois in May and see for yourself.

Happy Lifting!

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