My Journey: A Change of Attitude

Over the past few weeks, as the diet gets kicked into high gear and I begin to feel and see more noticeable changes in my physique, I have come to a realisation that I think a lot of people share. I wasn’t aware until recently of how true this really is, but getting in shape is hard work!

I’m not just talking about being in good health. While that can also be quite difficult at times, but I’m talking about getting under six percent body fat with ripped abs and striated glutes. That’s a different kind of shape. I for one did not realise the amount of work that goes into achieving a physique of that calibre! (Something to think about the next time you see Gregg Plitt or Mike O’Hearn – guys who are ripped 24/7. Talk about dedication!)

While I do find myself struggling some days now with cravings for fried foods and sweets, for the most part I am able to stay satiated with the things in my diet that I try to substitute for whatever it is I’m craving at the time.

Right now we are about 16 weeks out from the contest. That’s a fairly long way to go, but I’m sure it will approach quickly. As it does I still find myself without abs and wondering when they will show up. It has been a long time since I have seen my abs. I think it was my first year of highschool, which is quite a while ago considering I’m now 26! I have been reassured by JC that they are in fact still there, despite my belief to the contrary, and so I will persevere with my cardio three days a week until they appear.

I’m not sure I can even explain to any of you what it will mean to me to have visible abdominals again. It will be one of those milestone moments for me where I know my hard work is paying off and that I’ve got a shot in this competition.

Now, JC has assured me I do in fact posses abs, as does every other human on this planet and that they will come out eventually. Specifically around 10 percent body fat they should be visible. When I started working with JC I was 195 pounds and my body fat percentage was 22. I’m now at 17 percent and hoping for 15 percent, which is the average level, for my next weigh in.

All of this is what leads me to say that getting in shape is hard work. Period. End of discussion. No matter what your body type is, if you’re not in shape, it’s going to be difficult to get there. Believe me, I know. My family and friends see me and they’re amazed with the results. When I tell them what I’m doing, and how I’m doing it, the reaction is always “Oh, that’s so much work!” “How can you eat so little carbs?” “I’ll never be in that good of shape anyway, why bother?”

You don’t have to get in contest shape, that’s not the point of this. I’m not doing this to show people how to be bodybuilders. That is possible however, if you want it bad enough, but that’s not necessary for everyone. What I expect to do is to show people where I came from. I was a 230 pound, class one obese stroke victim. Now I’m down to 170 pounds.

I’m trying to show that anyone can do this. Anyone can lose weight and be happier and more comfortable with themselves. It will be hard, it will be time-consuming, you will be hungry, you will get cravings, but in the end you will be happy! I have never been happier. My clothes fit, I sleep better, I have more energy, and my mood has improved drastically.

You don’t have to go to the extreme that I have. A little goes a long way as far as results go. Add in some HIIT cardio, 20 minutes twice a week to your current exercise regime and you certainly will notice an improvement in your weight! It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. You owe it to yourself and to your family to be a happier and healthier you!

Happy Lifting!

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