Lighter Side: The Pros And Cons Of A Home Work Out

I caught a cold recently. It was a really bad one… but happily it was short-lived which meant that I only had to miss one day of working out. I’m pretty tough on myself about not missing gym time, but this one really knocked me out on the first day.

By the second day although the cold had dramatically improved, I was still fairly gross sounding AND looking what with my eyes and nose competing for how much fluid could escape them. I decided that I was certainly well enough to work out but perhaps I would do so at home. I don’t like to be at the gym when someone else is sick and hacking up their yucky germs all over the equipment, so I thought that I would preserve others from my disgustingness.

I have a pretty decent, albeit tiny, gym at my house. I’ve got a spin bike, a set of dumbbells, swiss ball and a light medicine ball. Obviously I’m not going to get the intense work out I would with the equipment and space at my nice, shiny gym, but if I include some conditioning moves, I can work up a good sweat.

While I was considering whether or not I should add a kettle ball to my home equipment, I got thinking about working out at home versus the gym.

So as every teenage girl learns to do when she discovers boys and perfects by the time she’s met her first “true love” I thought a “Pros” and “Cons” list was in order.

Working out at home

Pro – It’s right there at the top of the stairs.
Con – When overnight guests come for a visit you lose your gym ‘cuz it’s also the guest bedroom.

Pro – You get to choose the music – both artist AND volume.
Con – Unless your workout is during school hours you will likely have to listen to some sickly sweet family channel show with the pre-requisite laugh track. Add to that dub step reverberating up from the man cave with the bass turned up to 11, and yes that was a Spinal Tap reference ?

Pro – You can sing at the top of your lungs should you feel the urge.
Con – You will note that you really actually do NOT sound a thing like Adele, Dave Matthews, Prince or Robert Cray (probably a good thing on the last three).

Pro – You can wear those shorts that are just a tad TOO short for the gym.
Con – Your teenage son may be walking up the stairs just as you are doing a set of deadlifts in said shorts and potentially be scarred for life.

Pro – Your pets will enjoy you staying at home for more hours in the day.
Con – Cats have no sense of personal space and believe that when you are on the floor it’s play or snuggle time.

Pro – No excuses
Con – No excuses

Pro – No interruptions from the well-meaning but infinitely too chatty acquaintance you haven’t seen for a while.
Con – Your car is in the driveway therefore announcing to the world that you’re home and can answer the door and it is likely your mother hoping you’ll help her with iPhoto AGAIN.

Pro – You are undeniably the MOST fit person at the “gym” today.
Con – You don’t have the infinitely more fit people working out beside you inspiring you through their mere existence.

And so from my exhaustive research and deep contemplation I have decided that if at all possible I shall always choose to take the extra time and head out!

Please hop over to where I will undoubtedly be writing about something, who knows maybe it will even be another Pro and Con list… I’d forgotten how much fun they were to compile.

Happy Lifting!

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