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How did you get started in fitness Modeling?

ZD: I started Fitness Modeling  in 2010. I kind of “stumbled” into it after numerous people were asking “when are you competing?”. I had recently started to take my training a little more seriously, and they were noticing! I did not even know the “sport” existed until then! I did some research and realized that I had “the look” so I found a comp and entered, I had never even watched one and had NO IDEA what to expect. I am so happy I “stumbled” upon it~ it changed my life!

Where does your motivation come from?

ZD: My motivation comes from within! I think back to how far I have come… from the days of looking through Fitness magazines and thinking “I would love to achieve great things in the Fitness Industry” to now where my dreams have become my reality :) Every day I challenge myself to become a better me than I was yesterday :)


You recently won your pro status, how did that feel?

ZD: It felt EPIC! SURREAL! A moment that I will cherish forever

What’s been your proudest moment so far?

ZD: Definitely placing 2nd in the World and earning my Pro Status. However I have proud moments on a more regular basis with helping my online clients from around the world reach personal goals and happier, healthier places in their lives


What does your typical workout routine look like?

ZD: Generally split training, where I focus on a specific muscle group each session. My training is intense and structured. i do between 5–‐8 exercises and 4–‐5 sets of each. Sometimes I will Superset, other times straight sets, it depends on whether I am in comp prep or not and also on my energy levels that day. I will always listen to my body and change things if need be.

What’s your current diet?

ZD: I eat clean year round. I love healthy food and the way it makes me feel. My diet is a balance of macros, generally around 35% carbs, 35% protein, 30% fats. This macro ratio seems to work very well for me :) I avoid processed foods so my diet is based around whole–‐foods.

I love turkey steaks, chicken breast, lean red meats, eggs, brown rice, quinoa flakes, fresh raspberries, Super Green smoothies, organic Peanut Butter, all nuts, avocados, most veggies~ especially grilled veggie stacks including: capsicum, asparagus, eggplant & tomato, corn on the cob, baked sweet potato, big fresh salads… I do include some dairy too in the off-season, my favourite being Vanilla yoghurt & adding cheese to my omelets. Other than that my diet is dairy & gluten free.

What’s your favourite body part to workout and why?

ZD: Definitely Legs & glutes. This is because they are by far the most challenging, therefore when I make progress it is SO rewarding!


Do you have any favourite quotes?

ZD: Yes my very own:

“Positivity is like a Boomerang~ you send it out and out will surely come back to you”

And also

“Get your mind right, make your body TIGHT!”

How has your life changed now you’ve made your amazing transformation?

ZD: I do not feel that I have made an “amazing transformation” so to speak, as I have always being fit and healthy. However, every day I am evolving mentally, physically & emotionally and my life is changing for the better because of this I feel awesome, my heart is filled with happiness & gratitude


Any future Goals?

ZD: Yes absolutely!!!!! BIG PLANS for 2014 and beyond! This is only the beginning for me!

Final words?

ZD: I am truly passionate about health & fitness and love to help others realise the many benefits of making some healthy changes. Your Body is your Temple and when you treat it with the upmost respect you get rewarded with vitality, happiness and quality of life!

How To Reach Zoë:

ZD: Please check out my website and all social media pages: Zoë Daly

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