Emotional Strength: Are You Full or Are You Stuffed?

Tears were streaming down her face. She could barely catch her breath. “Nicole I am stuffed. Literally. I can’t put another thing in my mouth. I have been horrible to my body. I hate myself. I hate my life.” My nutrition client was sitting in front of me, guilt ridden and disappointed in herself and in her choices. She had spent two weeks eating fried food in quantities that she considered shameful. In addition, her finances were stressful and her family was weighing her down. Although I heard someone desperate to lose weight, what I really heard was someone desperate for change. Her plate was literally and figuratively too full.

What if your weight issues actually originated in your head and not in your stomach? What if your inner world could actually change your outer world faster than any other diet or weight loss regimen? It can and I have seen it first hand in my holistic health practice.

Oftentimes weight fluctuations have nothing to do with food. Yes, you may eat large quantities or the “wrong” food choices, but in truth you may be doing so for another reason. Maybe you absolutely hate your job so you eat out of boredom. You could also feel unfilled in your relationship, so you eat to numb the pain. Maybe you are punishing yourself for certain patterns in your life.

Emotional eating is at an epidemic. We live in a society of pill poppers and overloaded schedules, and to make matters worse we move on autopilot. We would have to actually schedule time to ask ourselves what makes us truly happy! Is it any wonder that people are eating for the wrong reasons?

But this can change. Start by asking yourself what makes your heart soar? Out of this list, how many of these things are in your life on a regular basis? Then ask yourself what makes you feel full and what makes you feel stuffed? Feeling full is satisfied and feeling stuffed is overloaded. Now analyze that list and think about what you can get rid of to make room for joy? Identify what situations make you want to make poor choices and what emotions those situations are bringing up for you. Now ask yourself if you deserve to be happy? If so, what is stopping you?

My client actually felt weighed down by her inner world and it was visible in her outer world. Her behavior had become a pattern. It wasn’t until she stepped back and analyzed the root of her extreme behavior that she was able to move forward. She is probably just like many of you.

Today is a new day. Start by believing your life CAN change.

Happy Lifting!

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