Lighter Side: You Call It Obsession, I Call It Lifestyle

I was at a social gathering recently, where one of my so-called peers asked me why I was so fixated on working out. “Obsessed with” was the actual term used.

I say so-called peer as I found I had very little in common with this person.  It should have been an ideal mix. On paper I fit in with this group perfectly. We are all middle-aged, stay at home mothers of teenagers, all live in similar neighbourhoods and (embarrassingly) drive the same types of cars. Okay SUV’s actually, what a cliché!  They should have all been my new best friends.

I hated every second of it.

I was the only gym rat in the joint. For the most part they all BELONG to a gym, but you know what I mean when I say gym rat. They’re the ones who go and sit politely on the recumbent bikes, in their cute little coordinated outfits, catching up without actually breaking a sweat. I was also the only one who has always allowed my kids to download the explicit versions of songs from iTunes (I abhor the notion of censorship, but that’s a story for another day). That admission caused a few gasps of horror and was followed by a bit of what could only be termed as a good old-fashioned shunning.

We are brought together for many different reasons. Obviously age and time of life is a a big one. But sometimes you run into a person and find that you have very similar ideas, regardless of your age, time of life or even geography. I love it when that happens

Colin @UberBeastMode and I frequently touch on bizarrely similar themes in the articles we each write, in the same week! In no fewer than three of each of our recent articles, you might think that one or the other of us had been sneaking a peak at the other’s desktop notes! Funny thing is that Colin and I seemingly have very little in common.

From reading his columns, I’ve learned that he is a 33-year-old father of a 4-year-old.  He lives with his young family is a small suburban town in Minnesota. He is also an avid sports fan, and not just the armchair variety. Since improving his fitness he is involved in increasingly higher levels of competitive sport.

My life is a little different.

Although I am a parent, the idea of toddlerhood is now quite far removed, and happily I might add!  My oldest towers over me in the height department… so much so that I must insist he sit down when I’m about to let him have an earful. My younger although not quite as tall as me, shares my shoes and sometimes makeup… YIKES!

As far as being 33, although I do remember it with some fondness, it is more often with  horror. I wouldn’t return to it even if I had the power to do so… also YIKES!

Competitive team sports? Well, I used to play… when I was 12.

What we do have in common is our passion for fitness and self-improvement. In chasing a limitless goal and constant personal improvement… in my case also defying gravity. Colin won’t start to see the need for that for several more years.

Point being that if we were at a dinner party together regardless of our obvious differences, we would likely be sitting together. We would probably be discussing the merits of pre-breakfast cardio, super sets or drop sets, which and when, protein shakes or single ingredient foods. And probably even how we have managed to overcome our dislike of certain foods simply because we know of their healing or building properties.

I could go on for hours, as Colin and I likely would if in real life discussion, but I’ll close with a quote from @UberBeastMode himself…

“Of course one of the things I love about fitness is the camaraderie and the way it brings people together. How we as a community support each other and encourage each other. The way that even when people don’t really even know each other, they come together to help each other because of our shared passion. Sound familiar? :)”

Thanks for your support Colin!

And now if you could all do me a lovely turn and pop over to to see what ELSE I obsess about.

Happy Lifting!

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