Lighter Side: Mirror, Mirror On The Gym Wall

I like the mirror on the west wall at my gym… not that nasty one that runs the entire length of the north wall. I do NOT like that one at all. It is a painfully cruel mirror. Now the west wall and even the south wall mirrors are kind and I believe infinitely more accurate in the picture they show me.

You know how this works. You know the truth behind the lies that mirrors tell us every day. Now some of you more scientifically minded types out there will likely be shaking your heads right about now, chuckling to yourselves, knowing that it has more to do with the angle at which the mirror was hung. Or perhaps the proximity of the lighting and triangulation of the next three lights beyond that. I know that some days mirrors tells you one thing and the very next day they can tell you something completely different. That is an irrefutable fact.

So obviously it’s what is in my mind’s eye on any given day that will truly reflect what I see staring back at me. Let’s face it, some days you might feel like a warrior and the next you might feel a little more like Ed Grimley, or worse Jabba the Hut.

My trainer, Eli and I discuss this phenomenon with some regularity. There is a fine balance that one must learn to strike between working damn hard and achieving a certain level of fitness and not allowing yourself become complacent. You must work hard enough and even allow yourself to see the changes you are making to your physique without believing that you have achieved the peak.

So in short, enjoy the skinny mirrors, but don’t let them convince you that you don’t still have quite a lot of work to do… maybe take a quick glance over your shoulder at the reflection on the mean old north wall.  It’s that reflection which will keep you increasing those weights without fail.

Now if you ever happen to be at “The Miller? in North Toronto, do not under any circumstances miss the ladies room mirror on the main floor. It was certainly hung too tightly and warped, but the resulting reflection is so pleasing you can’t help but hang around a couple of extra minutes. Just be careful to not let it convince you that a burger and fries will be okay when you step back to your table to order lunch.

If you take a look at some of my fiction over at you will probably recognize “The Miller? as a backdrop to a few of the scenes… the restaurant, not the ladies room!

Happy Lifting!

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