Lighter Side: Holidays and Self Control Do Not Get Along

I must confess that I’ve stolen the title of this article. We had a brief conversation around our Canadian Thanksgiving about holiday eating and self control, or rather the lack thereof.

I’ve spent much of the past month thinking about self control and here’s what I’ve decided. I am a highly fallible human and as much as I would have liked to have maintained complete self control over the holidays (or at any time for that matter) I did not. I mean I’m not talking monumental fails… just a couple of lapses (okay on a largish scale) in my generally better judgement.

Holidays however are not what I want to write about today… in fact, I would be quite pleased to not discuss the holidays for, oh, I dunno, maybe eleven and a half more months! What I’ve set out to discuss today is more about how to take advantage of observation of comparison and how it relates to self control.

I should point out that matters of self control almost without fail relate to food in my world. There’s probably a twelve step program out there, but in some sort of self flagellation type behaviour, I choose to continue to struggle with my passion for food alone. It’s sort of a love/hate thing of epic proportions.

Matters of self control present themselves with aggravating regularity, at least in my world… maybe I need to make a few personal changes. Topic for another day! I suppose I could be perpetually stressed out about the almost never ending opportunities to exercise self control, but I choose instead to see them from a slightly different angle.

Each time I successfully deny myself some decadent treat or another, I enjoy the comparison that I am then able to make about how I would feel had I given in to my whim. You see if I didn’t occasionally fail at the whole self control thingy, then I would have no basis for comparison. I can enjoy the success of self control only as a result of having sometimes not had any at all.

It seems a very convoluted logic I suppose, but it is simply another way to remind myself of how to MOSTLY make the right choice… mostly.

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Happy Lifting!

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