Lighter Side: On Not Allowing History to Repeat Itself

“I want you to add a fifth small meal to your day.” My trainer told me one day recently. I knew that he wasn’t suggesting it as a resolution to my emaciated physique. HA! No! He made the suggestion after casting an assessing glance across my frame when I told him how starving I was every morning.

I know that he meant a serving of egg whites, or perhaps a protein shake in a pinch, but inevitably I envisioned a peanut butter and jam sandwich.

I’ve educated myself over the years. I know that more good calories actually encourages muscle growth which helps keep metabolism high and body fat low. I know this to be fact, and as I’ve stated many times in the past, I believe in my trainer’s knowledge and accept his word as law.

I will try to avoid the traditional explanation of it being my mother’s fault, but I struggle with the notion of more calories on a much deeper level. You see I grew up in a time when teenagers, specifically girls, were taught that fewer calories was the only way to stay trim. Oh sure, we went to gym class and understood that a certain level of activity was important, but the bottom line was that if you wanted to stay slim you ate less. We didn’t particularly care what the quality of those calories were, just less was the message

They call those years impressionable and “they” (whoever they are) couldn’t be more right. The idea of another meal (tiny and protein packed as it may be) is a little like when someone hands you something and says  “Smell this. It stinks.” Obviously you recoil. Hands up in defiance “Ewww NO!” You state loudly. But what if the thing that stinks actually turned out to be good for you? Would you smell it then? Of course you would!  You would lean in and take a big whiff, reminding yourself that regardless of what you may be been told at some point in your life, this is a positive thing and will work with you in attaining your longer term goals.

So I’m adding a small fifth meal without fearing it. I’m choosing not to blame my mother for inaccurate information from the past, but most importantly, I’m choosing to not pass along these fallacies along to my own children.

Besides I’m sure I’m screwing them up in some other way which they will learn about when they’re adults and some new knowledge comes to light.

For examples of how I may be personally equipped to screw up in many, many ways, please visit

Happy Lifting!

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