NGA Pro Jason Kaiman Interview Part 1

This is the first in what will likely be many interviews with pro bodybuildiers, fitness competitors, and anyone that I think will be of interest to you from the world of fitness and nutrition. Jason Kaiman was an obvious choice for me as he embodies everything that stands for; hard work, dedication, attention to detail, and a real love for what he does. He is a natural bodybuilder and a proud father as well.

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MT  When did you decide you were going to be a competitive bodybuilder?

JK  In 1995 I started competing. I was two years out of college, and felt like I needed something to keep my competitive juices flowing.

MT  What led you to that decision?

JK  A friend of mine talked me into Natural Bodybuilding, and I am glad they did.

MT  Has fitness always been a big part of your life?

JK  Yes, I have always been in many sports all through high school and college, and then once I graduated college, that is when I started lifted weights and started growing and really noticing a big difference. Now I am over the top. I only eat organic veggies and organic 100% grass fed meats, all natural soaps and shampoos and lotions as well.

MT  When did you start training?

JK  Started training in 1993, seriously. Competed from 1995 to 1999.  Then I had two sons, so I semi retired until 2006, then came back strong, won my pro card and started winning pro shows. I am 43 years old and have never looked or felt better. My Natural career is really going strong. I would strongly recommend to everyone that they get the right nutrition and supplements, it makes all the difference. Grass fed meats, great protein, and other supplements. Morrell Natural Meats is a great place for 100% GRASS FED Beef. HMB is a crucial Supplement that I could not do without.

MT  When did you get serious about it?

JK  Probably got really serious about competing in 1997, after taking 2nd in a big show. I knew I had what it took to be great if I just did the work.

MT  What is your pre contest diet like?

JK  I eat grass fed meat only, nothing store bought, nothing grain fed. Bison, Beef, Ostrich, Goat, Wild Boar, and Elk are my main meats. I eat tons of green veggies…..and lots of natural fats from tree nuts, olive oil, and organic butter. My diet is very high protein, moderate in fats, and low in carbohydrate.

MT  What is your off season diet like?

JK  Off season is the same. I stay around six percent body fat all year, and drop in low three’s to high two’s for the stage.

MT  What is your pre contest and off season cardio regimen?

JK  I don’t do cardio, hardly ever. I stay lean from my diet, and from my weight training workouts.  My trainer, Kassem Hanson from Hanson Performance, is a genius and keeps my tempo up during workouts, so we achieve maximum muscle growth and burn calories needed to burn. He can be contacted at:

MT  What is your lifting philosophy off season and pre contest?

JK  my workouts change constantly. I am doing low reps, high weight, then moderate weight, then less weight and high reps. I do a lot of staggered workouts like 6 reps, then 12 reps, then 25 reps for one body part for example. You have to fully extend and contract the muscle for it to grow. I am a bodybuilder, not a weight lifter.

That concludes part 1. Check back later today for the training portion of this interview to see how [twitter-follow screen_name=’KaimanNGAPro’] attains his amazingly sharp and hard physique.

Happy Lifting!

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