Natural Bodybuilding with JC: Time To Get Serious

Christmas is finally over! As I mentioned earlier, I was not as strong as I had hoped to be. Luke on the other hand, was true warrior all the way through. To make things a little easier for Luke, we decided to push up his reefed to Christmas day rather than today. This would afford him the opportunity to enjoy some of the finer foods on the table and at large portions, than his regular daily allowance. Even with the get out of jail free card, Luke still stuck to his diet, avoiding many high carb/fat and sugary foods. Just take a look at what Luke avoided:

One might expect it to be very difficult tyo avoid these types of food, especially when everyone around you is eating it. Believe it or not, there are significant moments of strength and determination that accompany these temptations. This is especially true in Luke’s case. There is such a noticeable difference between where Luke was when he started and where he is now, that the thought of doing something that may undo the hard work is enough to keep Luke going. In fact, Luke has done so well in controlling his cravings that he even accompanies his family when they go out to eat. Luke has developed the strength to sit inside a fast food establishment while his family eats what he cannot have.

Take a look in the development of Luke’s arms. He reports visible vascularity in the gym, a great sign that he is leaning out and is healthy. As his mid section goes in, his chest is starting to come out. His shoulders are rounding and his traps as starting to tighten. Last week Luke got new pants, this week he will be getting a new belt to keep those pants up.

I have officially entered contest prep with Luke, so all movement from this point on will be a true collaborative effort, with our diets being almost identical. There is a great fitness resource out there called My Fitness Pal. It is an online resource that is also supported by an app for smart phones. It is a great resource for those tracking calories/macros, however, I must warn you that not all information contained in this program is accurate.

The majority of the data contained in the database is user submitted. That means there is a large window for error. It is not uncommon to come across errors in total calorie content or incorrect macro values. As easy as it is to enter data, it is mind-boggling that anybody would enter incorrect data – but it happens. You will find that most entries for eggs and egg whites contain carbohydrates! If you pay close enough attention to the data you are using this can still be a great resource.

I used it all through my last prep and am using right now. I also have Luke using it. You can add friends to your account that will also allow you to see each other’s food entries.

We will be making some small modifications to the diet and workout plan. Since I am now on board and will be dieting with Luke, he will have access to my daily meals through My Fitness Pal. I do not typically share the specifics of my diet (with anybody), so you will find that this information is protected on my profile should you try to add me as a friend. Please do not take offense to a friend request that is declined.

In light of the holiday and the deviations from diet protocol and for the sake of our own mental stability, both Luke and I refrained from weighing this week. We will both weigh in for next Thursday’s post.

The next order of business of to get Luke a new phone or camera.

Happy Lifting!

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