Natural Bodybuilding with JC: Luke’s Progress Report

I can’t believe it has already been a week since our last progress report. I am very eager and pleased to report that everything is still running very smoothly for Luke. All was not a bed of roses, however, as this last week brought some challenges which really tested Luke.

When dieting for a bodybuilding show, it is practically impossible to avoid any special occasion completely. By this I mean you will be hard pressed to diet during a time where there will be no holidays, birthdays, or other celebrations of the sort. It is unfortunate that it happened so quickly for Luke, since he had to experience this just this past weekend. It was Luke’s son’s birthday on Saturday and he was to host a party.

Luke saw this coming long before the party even came around. I received many worried texts seeking answers on how to diet through a special event with food. As the party approached, Luke would send me pictures of the party food supplies as they were purchased. With many of the texts came the hopeful question, “can I eat this?” My best advice to Luke was to prepare meals that mimicked what he was offering his guests. Items like protein pancakes, protein brownies, sludge, and Greek yogurt with whey can serve as dessert or treat dishes without the feeling of being of a diet or being denied the “good stuff.”

Luke stuck to this advice really well, opting to enjoy Greek yogurt with whey and fruit while everybody else was eating cake. Granted, he chose to eat in a separate room, but he made it through it. You might be thinking, “why not let him have a little piece of cake?” Let me explain. First of all, I offer guidance but ultimately Luke decides what goes into his body. Second, one piece of cake here will most likely end up being a cookie there, a slice of pizza over here, and then a burger “just that once.” I don’t want to start a bad habit. Every moment you let your guard down is a moment you give your competition to gain ground on you. I don’t want to put Luke in a position to make a decision he will regret later on.

When I tell people of my dieting methods they all say the same thing; they admire my dedication and will power. My response to that is, I don’t want to do a single thing that will cause me to look back later on and say “I wish I hadn’t done that.” As Layne Norton says, “My goal when I come in here every day is to make sure that if someone beats me – it’s not because they outworked me.”

The second obstacle Luke had to face this week was that he fell ill. Something nasty has been floating around and it was just Luke’s time to partake in the misery. I had it for three days upon return from Florida and it was no picnic. You can never plan for illness and there is little that can be done when it happens. Luke was very fortunate in that he only lost one day of dieting and training. This poses no threat to the process at all. Luke had barely recovered before he was back to tracking his nutrients and working out at full force.

On a pleasant note, and some of you may already know this from Twitter; Luke got new pants! That’s right folks, the moo-moos, potato sacks, and tarps Luke was wearing before just weren’t cutting it. He is down to a waist size he has not seen since his college days, and feared he would never see again. I won’t disclose the size, but it is small. One size away from what I wear. Luke has also donned new workout clothes – athletic apparel. No oversized t-shirts here. Luke wears form-fitting, moisture wicking, muscle emphasizing shirts.

To top it all off, people are noticing and they want to know his secret! People are starting to approach Luke in the gym to ask him for diet and workout advice. They see him eating his whey and oats at the gym and just don’t understand it. They stand in awe as he performs the workouts I prescribe. Before their very eyes he is transforming into something amazing and they all want a part of it! Just take a look at this monster!

Our next obstacle is going to be Christmas. We have already started discussing how we are going to get through it, and the plan is going to be the same. We are very fortunate that we have time on our sides at this point, but we are going to stay on track and attempt to diet all the way through. There will be a lot of food options available that Luke should be able to enjoy a meal with his family without difficulty.

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Happy Lifting!

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