Dress For Success

Our personal appearance is not only an important factor in how we present ourself others, but the way we dress reflects the value we attach to the situation and the people around us. If our clothes are unclean or wrinkled, we may appear to be careless and uninterested in the situation or people we are interacting with.

When dressing for a job interview, be sure to choose attire that projects the image you want the potential employer to receive. If the company has a business casual dress policy, it’s still a good idea to take a conservative approach for the initial introduction. Just because the receptionist told you it was Casual Friday, doesn’t mean you should wear your comfy jeans and your new workout sweatshirt to the interview.

Even after you get the job, considering your appearance. Consider adopting the approach of dressing to the level you want to achieve. So, if you want to be CEO, think about how you look when you leave the house in the morning. Do you carry yourself like an executive?

Some guidelines that are good to follow are, when meeting with business associates or clients, whether in your office or theirs-if they wear suits, you should wear one as well. If you’re interviewing for a job and don’t know the dress code, try to look into that online before your interview to see how the employees are dressed. It’s also perfectly acceptable to contact the receptionist and ask him or her about the company dress code policy. Simply say you’re applying for a position at the company without having to introduce yourself.

Even in the gym, the way you are dressed will translate into tangible results. If you look like you mean business, chances are you do. I know that whenever I wear certain colors, I lift better. Our mind is a complex instrument, and if mine sees a color in the mirror I’m working in front of that it likes, then chances are my ability to focus will be enhanced. It’s definitely worth getting a new shirt to break through that lifting plateau!

Happy Lifting!

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