Getting Lean Means Attention To Detail

Losing some weight, and getting truly lean are two very different animals. Chances are that all anyone needs to do after a period of slacking with their diet for a while, is to go back to eating like they normally would, and fat loss will ensue. Getting into the mid to low single digits with regards to body fat percentage, requires a lot more focus.

This at first may seem like I’m abruptly changing the subject, but how many of you reading this floss twice a day as recommended for the health of your teeth, as well as your cardiovascular health? I don’t see a lot of hands. Granted it’s difficult to see from where I’m sitting, but still-you get my point. If you are unable to follow such simple guidance to a healthier you, then what makes you think you’ll be able to follow a drastic shift in nutritional philosophy? I’m not including training in this, as the title stated, ‘Get Lean’. Allow me to explain that last sentence.

I’ve gotten ripped lifting heavy, light, or not at all. I’ve gotten ripped with cardio, and without. I’ve even gotten ripped without a gym membership, supplements, or whey. That’s because getting ripped has almost everything to do with your diet, and much less to do with your training. While training is an essential component, it’s our diet that bears the results.

So what, if anything, does flossing twice a day have to do with this? Flossing is a relatively minor detail that could so easily be omitted from our life, and may very well have very little to do with the end result in terms of our health. I admit it’s true. It’s the attention to detail that explains the flossing comparison. That is the point I’m trying to make.

When you’re on a path to a specific fitness goal, where your body fat percentage is important to your success in achieving that goal, then attention to detail is crucial. It’s the difference between top three, or failing to qualify. I know ‘getting ripped’ is only dealing with a very small portion of those involved in fitness. It’s bodybuilders and fitness competitors mostly. These people are hard-wired (or so it seems) to be locked in to the specifics of their diet.

So what does this have to do with the rest of us? For the rest of us this means making sure we’re getting enough protein to aid in recovery, enough fat to elicit the correct hormonal response stimulated by our training, and enough carbohydrates to give us fuel for our workouts. It means getting all of the micro nutrients needed to maintain good health. It means getting enough sleep to recover, and refocus. It means staying motivated even when those around us are in need of our energy.

Attention to detail means all kinds of things. It means something different to each of us most likely. Still, it’s taking care of the little things that makes the big things come together. So start flossing your way to whatever your fitness goals are. You know what I mean.

Happy Lifting!

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