Intentions And Goal Setting

What are your intentions when it comes to your training? Do you intend to get bigger, or stronger? Or do you intend to wow your friends this summer with a ripped mid section? Whatever your intentions, it’s focusing that intent that is the difference between success and failure.

Failure is a harsh word. If you get yourself into the gym most days, and lift as hard as you can, as well as follow a clean, balanced diet to support your goals most of the time, it’s not a very accurate statement to say you failed. Living up to your own expectations is another issue. Did you meet your own self-imposed goals?

Whatever those goals may be in the wide variety of pursuits that fitness has to offer, you must focus your intentions to the point of having a very specific end goal. This is where a lot of gym enthusiasts sell themselves short. They lack a specific target that they are striving towards.

They want to be leaner, or stronger, or to impress others. These aims are far too vague. The goal must be concrete, Once that goal is set, focusing our intentions to achieve it makes reaching that goal so much more attainable. Sometimes the hard work is done with our mind, the rest is up to our body.

What does getting leaner, or becoming stronger mean? If you were to set those examples as your goals, they are far too broad and subjective to have as an actual definitive goal. Focusing your intent in these examples would mean defining exactly what you intend to accomplish.

You need to say ‘I want to be under six percent body fat by this summer’, or ‘I want to squat 225 for 10 full reps by this fall’. Those are goals that are clearly defined. Until a goal has a true end with a time limit placed on it, it’s just a hopeful wish that most likely will go unfulfilled.

I want to see everyone succeed at everything they set their minds to. I believe that we as a society all benefit from the success of others, as their success furthers our own success. So get out of dreaming of some place you want to be at some point in the future, and figure out exactly where you want to go. Focus your intentions and you’ll probably surprise and maybe even impress yourself.

Happy Lifting!

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