100 Posts In 100 Days

Happy 100th post to everyone! I sincerely mean that this is a celebratory marker for all involved. Without the incredible support this site has received from many of you (you know who you are, and I sincerely thank you), I probably wouldn’t have gone at it with such enthusiasm. Who am I kidding, that’s how I do everything! As a friend once said to me, ‘You don’t half-ass anything, do you?’, and I guess that they turned out to be bang on in their assessment of this particular person. Since this began it has been an average of 60 hours a week spent writing, editing, building the site, promoting it, and so on, so I guess this ain’t no hobby blog!

Without the help of MrsToronto (who by the way is responsible for 100 percent of everything that has to do with the site building, article photos, and layouts-not to mention the level-headed strategist), and Carlos Flores (who’s writing ability continues to improve with every article, and research is second to none), I’m not sure I would be keeping this pace up. Their contributions have been immeasurable. I look forward to both of what they bring to this web address as their roles continue to evolve, and they take a place of larger prominence. I can’t say enough about how happy I am to be working with both of them.

When I first started this thing 100 days ago, I had a goal to make this a place where people of all different levels of training and nutritional backgrounds would come to learn and share. The continuing of this trend is boding well for the future, as the plan for me and those that are on the same team is to turn this into a long-term commitment. I hope that everything goes well in order to make that possibility the reality I know we are capable of delivering to you every day.

That of course can’t happen without you, and it’s those of you reading this that I really want to thank. The sharing, recommendations, and retweets all have been immensely flattering, and they help to continue the growth of this site to the goal of (hopefully soon!) sustainability. To the few of you that have purchased online products by clicking through this site, I appreciate you helping ease some of the load. Thanks also goes to those of you that click on the ads, every little bit helps.

I honestly look forward to waking up every morning, and putting up the day’s post. I love hearing from you just as much, and those of you that I have met through this journey have made the entire process worthwhile. You have my word that I will be doing everything I can to continue to improve, and develop the content you read, and will soon be viewing here. The real message I’m getting at is THANK YOU, and don’t forget,

Happy Lifting!

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