Cellucor C4 Shot Rocks
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Buy 2 Cellucor C4 Shot Rocks 12 Servings for $40.00/-


Best coupon deal for Cellucor C4 Shot Rocks in 1 or 12 pack/vials, 2 flavors – icy blue razz and watermelon

It’s no secret that low energy levels can affect your performance both physically and mentally. Cellucor C4 has a very popular line of pre-workouts that work plain and simple.

Well, their Shot Rocks are just as potent and provide a huge and lasting burst of energy. Each dose contains a potent amount (200mg) of caffeine per serving. Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant that increases energy, improves focus, and enhances alertness.

It also contains an effective 2g of Carnosyn beta-alanine that has shown to have positive effects on physical performance. In addition, 1g of citrulline helps to improve blood flow (big pumps), enhance exercise performance, and offer even more benefits.

Simply pop, and shoot it down for a potent energy boost!

Cellucor C4 Shot Rocks product highlights

  • Very low-calorie
  • 200mg energy-boosting caffeine per serving
  • 2g Carnosyn (beta-alanine) increased performance
  • Two flavors: Icy blue razz and watermelon

This product contains artificial flavors and the artificial sweetener sucralose.

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