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GAT Sport Adenoflex 30 Servings Dropped To $15.99/-


Best coupon deal for GAT Sport Adenoflex in 30 servings/two flavors – Blue Raspberry and Melonberry

Adenoflex is a loaded formula that supports big pumps, muscle growth, strength, and overall improved physical performance. Every dose delivers 5g of Creapure creatine which activates muscle growth via multiple pathways, plus it increases strength and physical performance.

In addition, the 500mg of agmatine increases muscle volumization and fullness while research has shown that it may support nerve health in animals.

Betaine can promote muscle hypertrophy and Nordic Cherry supports post-exercise inflammation recovery.

Adenoflex contains a healthy dose of pump, performance, and recovery supporting ingredients. It’s a great option for improving your fitness in many aspects and in combination with a good diet and training regime, we’re confident you’ll get the results you desire.

Take advantage of the coupon deal to grab a bottle of Adenoflex.

GAT Sport Adenoflex product highlights

  • Supports blood, plasma and muscle cell blood flow post-training
  • 5g Creapure Creatine promotes muscle growth, strength, and improved performance
  • 500mg agmatine per serving increase muscle volumization and pumps
  • 1.25g betaine supports muscle hypertrophy
  • Nordic cherry reduces post-exercise inflammation which accelerates recovery
  • Chromium maintains health insulin levels

This product contains natural and artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners.

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