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Fat loss isn’t an easy process but with enough hard work and the right nutrition, you’ll be a fat-burning machine. Pyretic Black thermogenic is designed to fuel your efforts with a nice variety of compounds made for helping you shed the pounds and take your sexiness to the next level!

Green tea is loaded with polyphenols called catechins (EGCG) that have been shown to have positive effects on body weight and disease-causing free radicals. Combine that with a nice dose of the nervous system stimulant caffeine and you’ll have furnace-like effects due to the increased energy expenditure that leads to more calories burned.

Gymnema Sylvestre 4:1 and Olive Leaf Extract (6% Oleuropein) support improved blood glucose levels. TeaCrine® extends upon the moods and focus benefits of caffeine but it’s a longer-lasting relative, while cayenne has appetite-suppressing and thermogenic properties and Paradoxine™ has fat-burning properties all on its own.

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Primeval Labs Pyretic Black Thermogenic product highlights

  • Fat loss support
  • Lasting energy
  • Improved cognitive performance
  • Better mood
  • Supports reduced stress levels
  • Green Tea extract Standardized for 50% EGCG & 98% polyphenols

Note: Pyretic Black should only be taken by those who have built up a decent tolerance to caffeine. If you’re using this product for the first time, start out with less than half of the serving size recommended on the label.

We do not recommend those with pre-existing medical conditions take this product and you should always consult with a medical professional if considering supplementing with any similar products. Caffeine and other stimulants can cause serious side effects so be sure to take the necessary precautions to ensure your and others’ safety.

Make sure to read the product label for additional instructions.

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