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Find nutrition values of 247,326 foods, get nutrition label for your favorite foods, track calories.


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        247,326 foods items to search. This is the most amazing, helpful online tool I ever used! I never imagined a tool could help me lose weight in a thoughtful manner. Thanks team FV for creating it!
        Sarah Victor

        Lose weight or gain weight

        Lose or gain weight and keep track of your daily calories intake with our free food analysis tool. With our food dairy tool, you can calculate how many calories you have consumed and the data will be compared with your weight goals, physical activity, body mass and other parameters you set under your profile. The data will be presented to you in a very easy to understand reports. This will help you to know whether you’re eating the right amount of food to achieve your fitness goals.

        Follow a healthy & balanced diet

        Check the nutritional value of what you eat or the values of the ingredients of your food recipes. Try our “High/Low Filters” option in advanced search, to find food products and recipes that will help you balance your diet and bridge the gap of nutrient deficiencies. 

        Nutritional values & Facts

        Find nutrition values, get FDA style Nutrition Label for your favorite foods and track calories of what you eat and each ingredients in your food recipes.

        Premium Features Totally Free

        Real time stats

        The Calorie Counter to reach your goals as fast as possible. Our powerful tools and reports are designed to help you lose fat, build muscle and improve your body.

        Nutrition facts

        Get a comprehensive overview of a food, or get a detailed analysis of over 200 nutrients.

        Nutrient sorting

        Sort foods by food groups RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) to find out which have the most or least of any nutrient.

        Foods lists

        Our food lists will help you find the best foods categorized and group by their nutrient values.

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