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What is Strongman

Strongman is a sport that could also be termed ‘strength athletics’ especially with how it has evolved from just ‘pure strength’ competition to the modern obstacle-like and more functional/athletic-based strength challenges.

But the athletes are still some of the strongest (and largest) in the world along with powerlifters so they have to be proficient in the main lifts and much more, except for the bench press which is not a Strongman event.

Therefore, training is heavy but also with an endurance and functional fitness component.

Some of the main Strongman events include:

1. Atlas Stones
2. Log clean and press
3. Axle press
4. Deadlift
5. Squat
6. Tire flip
7. Truck pulls
8. Husafell Stone
9. Super yolk
10. Farmer’s walk
11. Loading (sand, kegs, or stones)

So… yeah, it’s not easy being a Strongman or Strongwoman competitor (Strongwoman competition is getting a lot more popular). But that’s why watching these behemoths perform is quite the spectacle which draws more and more people to the sport every single year.

And in this age of technology, many of the top athletes are finally receiving much of the attention that they deserve through social media outlets and they’re just plain fun to watch train and compete. Not to mention, Strongman events are all year long so fans can get a sneak preview for what to possibly expect from the top competitors looking forward.

Key Movements

Here are some typical Strongman movements…


A big event in Strongman, stones are a staple in competition and one of the most challenging by the same token. Now, there are different types of stones but Atlas stones are the choice for most elite contests. 

And there are also many different events which utilize these stones whether for challenging pure strength, or both strength and function in an obstacle-type fashion.


The deadlift is what separates the men from the boys and if you’re not known for being able to pull some heavy weight then it’ll be hard to stand out. 

There are many deadlift events whether challenging maximal strength, for reps, or on an axle setup.


Quite possibly the most grueling of events in Strongman and Strongwoman, loaded carry variations test each athlete’s mental fortitude but the most common are the farmer’s carry and super yolk.

For the farmer’s carry, competitors walk a certain distance holding the weights in each hand and the yoke involves carrying the weight on one’s traps similar to the squat. 

Overhead Press

Athletes are admired for their ability to press a lot of weight overhead as it’s like the upper body equivalent of the squat. The log and dumbbell press are the two common lifts used in competition usually when testing maximal strength.