Fitness Volt Cookies Policy

Understanding Cookies

In the digital world, cookies function as small digital markers. They’re dispatched to your computer, acting as tiny beacons that track and remember parts of your online journey. Here, we’ll dive deep into what these markers pick up, the rationale behind their storage, and how they streamline your website experience. It’s vital to know that limiting or disabling these cookies might curb certain functionalities of our website. If you’re curious about the specific cookies we deploy, we’ve listed them at the end of this document.

How to Limit or Turn Off Cookies

Your browser is equipped to allow you to control cookie settings (you’ll find a guide in the ‘Help’ section of your browser). When you first land on our website, a pop-up allows you to choose your cookie preferences. If you wish, the Network Advertising Initiative Consumer Opt-Out can help you sidestep multiple company cookies.

Cookies at Fitness Volt

Cookies, coupled with web beacons and similar tech tools, are pivotal in ensuring you experience our Services seamlessly. They don’t share your personal details, not unless you decide to. However, should you volunteer any Personal Info, it may be tethered to the cookie data. Disabling cookies might slightly dampen your interaction with our platform.

Cookies from Trusted Third Parties

On certain occasions, we align with third-party services to enrich our platform. The next segment reveals which third-party cookies could potentially appear during your interaction with our website.

Purchase-linked Cookies

You might spot several items, including courses, up for grabs on our platform. While transactions might seem direct via, we often coordinate with external platforms for facilitation. These partners might utilize cookies for better tracking of sales and related metrics.

Account & Login Cookies

For specific offerings, we provide a dedicated user account. The third-party platforms we join forces with could employ cookies. Their aim? To make logging in a breeze and recognize you as our esteemed member.

Analytical Overview

Google Analytics, our chosen analytics ally, helps decode your site interactions. It employs cookies to collect data like your stay duration and accessed pages. This knowledge lets us weave more captivating content. We also rely on other analytics partners to understand our users’ preferences and fine-tune our offerings.

Engage with our website and you’ll find widgets and plugins for a variety of social platforms – from Facebook and Instagram to Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube. These platforms might deploy cookies through our website, either to enrich your user profile on their end or for their internal data accumulation.

Need More Clarity?

Should any cookie-related aspect remain foggy, it’s advisable to retain enabled cookies. This ensures a smooth interplay with the many features we’ve baked into our site. If cookie curiosity still nags, reach out via our contact page or drop a line at [email protected]. To quench your thirst for broader insights, check out our privacy policy, terms of service, and disclosure pages.

Last Updated: September 15th, 2023