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Rafael Brandao Wins at 2024 Arnold Classic South America 🏆

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Hey everyone!

Guess what? Rafael Brandao just took home the gold at the 2024 Arnold Classic South America! 🏆 The competition was intense, and Rafael totally rocked it.

Check out our full coverage: 2024 Arnold Classic South America Results.



First off, Rafael Brandao snagged the top spot, with Tonio Burton and Good Veto trailing at second and third, respectively. Pretty much what everyone guessed after prejudging, but the way we got there? Now that's where the tea starts.


So, the judging at the finals was kinda out there, with not one, not two, but three separate call-outs for the top guys. Weird, right? Usually, it's just the top three flexing it out together. Some folks are whispering this gave Rafael a bit of an edge - maybe even smelling a little conspiracy in the air. Thoughts? 🕵️‍♂️


And oh, the debates about who really deserved the crown! While Rafael's victory lap was impressive, not everyone's sold. There's chatter that maybe Good Veto or Tonio had that extra oomph in conditioning that could've tipped the scales. But then again, Rafael's upper body game was strong, making him look bigger next to Good Veto.


Speaking of Good Veto, dude's Pro debut was nothing short of stellar. Word on the street is he needs to beef up that upper body to balance out those killer legs. And Tonio? Sharp as ever, but just couldn’t edge out Rafael.


This whole shindig throws Rafael right into the spotlight for the upcoming Olympia. Beating Tonio Burton, who was eighth last time, and the rookie sensation Good Veto? Yeah, that's gotta mean something for his odds at the Olympia. Can we see him in the top six? 🏋️‍♂️


Got any hot takes on the judging format? Too unconventional or just spicy enough? Rafael, Good Veto, Tonio - who was your champ and why? Any predictions for the Olympia based on these results? Can't wait to see your thoughts and theories below.


Let’s get this convo rolling!

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Well well well... Good Veto should be the winner.