Box Squat Strength Standards for Men and Women

Discover how your Box Squat performance compares to others and set new strength goals. Use our calculator to find your level and get personalized improvement tips.

Calculate Your Box Squat Strength Level

Calculate Your Box Squat Strength

Box Squat Weight Standards

Compare your Box Squat performance to these weight standards and see where you stand.

Beginner155 lbs
Novice236 lbs
Intermediate340 lbs
Advanced463 lbs
Elite598 lbs

Box Squat Bodyweight Ratio Standards

See how your Box Squat strength measures up relative to your body weight.

LevelBodyweight Ratio
LevelBodyweight Ratio

Box Squat Standards by Bodyweight

Find the Box Squat strength standards for your specific body weight.
110 lbs79 lbs130 lbs199 lbs282 lbs375 lbs
120 lbs93 lbs148 lbs221 lbs308 lbs405 lbs
130 lbs107 lbs166 lbs242 lbs333 lbs434 lbs
140 lbs120 lbs183 lbs263 lbs358 lbs462 lbs
150 lbs134 lbs200 lbs283 lbs381 lbs488 lbs
160 lbs147 lbs216 lbs303 lbs404 lbs514 lbs
170 lbs161 lbs232 lbs321 lbs425 lbs538 lbs
180 lbs174 lbs248 lbs340 lbs446 lbs562 lbs
190 lbs186 lbs263 lbs357 lbs467 lbs585 lbs
200 lbs199 lbs278 lbs375 lbs486 lbs607 lbs
210 lbs211 lbs292 lbs392 lbs506 lbs628 lbs
220 lbs223 lbs306 lbs408 lbs524 lbs649 lbs
230 lbs235 lbs320 lbs424 lbs542 lbs669 lbs
240 lbs247 lbs334 lbs440 lbs560 lbs689 lbs
250 lbs258 lbs347 lbs455 lbs577 lbs708 lbs
260 lbs269 lbs360 lbs470 lbs594 lbs726 lbs
270 lbs280 lbs373 lbs484 lbs610 lbs744 lbs
280 lbs291 lbs385 lbs499 lbs626 lbs762 lbs
290 lbs302 lbs398 lbs512 lbs642 lbs779 lbs
300 lbs312 lbs410 lbs526 lbs657 lbs796 lbs
310 lbs322 lbs421 lbs539 lbs672 lbs812 lbs
90 lbs60 lbs99 lbs150 lbs212 lbs281 lbs
100 lbs66 lbs106 lbs159 lbs223 lbs294 lbs
110 lbs72 lbs113 lbs168 lbs233 lbs306 lbs
120 lbs77 lbs120 lbs176 lbs243 lbs317 lbs
130 lbs82 lbs127 lbs184 lbs252 lbs328 lbs
140 lbs87 lbs133 lbs191 lbs261 lbs337 lbs
150 lbs92 lbs138 lbs198 lbs269 lbs347 lbs
160 lbs96 lbs144 lbs205 lbs277 lbs356 lbs
170 lbs100 lbs149 lbs211 lbs284 lbs364 lbs
180 lbs104 lbs154 lbs217 lbs291 lbs372 lbs
190 lbs108 lbs159 lbs223 lbs298 lbs379 lbs
200 lbs112 lbs164 lbs229 lbs304 lbs387 lbs
210 lbs116 lbs168 lbs234 lbs310 lbs394 lbs
220 lbs120 lbs173 lbs239 lbs316 lbs400 lbs
230 lbs123 lbs177 lbs244 lbs322 lbs407 lbs
240 lbs127 lbs181 lbs249 lbs328 lbs413 lbs
250 lbs130 lbs185 lbs254 lbs333 lbs419 lbs
260 lbs133 lbs189 lbs258 lbs338 lbs425 lbs

Box Squat Standards by Age

Discover how Box Squat strength standards vary across different age groups.
15132 lbs201 lbs290 lbs395 lbs510 lbs
20151 lbs230 lbs331 lbs451 lbs583 lbs
25155 lbs236 lbs340 lbs463 lbs598 lbs
30155 lbs236 lbs340 lbs463 lbs598 lbs
35155 lbs236 lbs340 lbs463 lbs598 lbs
40155 lbs236 lbs340 lbs463 lbs598 lbs
45147 lbs224 lbs323 lbs439 lbs568 lbs
50138 lbs210 lbs303 lbs413 lbs533 lbs
55128 lbs195 lbs280 lbs382 lbs493 lbs
60117 lbs178 lbs256 lbs349 lbs450 lbs
65106 lbs161 lbs232 lbs315 lbs407 lbs
7095 lbs145 lbs208 lbs283 lbs366 lbs
7586 lbs130 lbs187 lbs254 lbs327 lbs
8077 lbs117 lbs167 lbs227 lbs293 lbs
8569 lbs105 lbs150 lbs204 lbs263 lbs
9063 lbs95 lbs136 lbs184 lbs237 lbs
1574 lbs114 lbs166 lbs228 lbs296 lbs
2084 lbs130 lbs189 lbs260 lbs338 lbs
2586 lbs133 lbs194 lbs267 lbs347 lbs
3086 lbs133 lbs194 lbs267 lbs347 lbs
3586 lbs133 lbs194 lbs267 lbs347 lbs
4086 lbs133 lbs194 lbs267 lbs347 lbs
4582 lbs127 lbs184 lbs253 lbs329 lbs
5077 lbs119 lbs173 lbs238 lbs309 lbs
5571 lbs110 lbs160 lbs220 lbs286 lbs
6065 lbs101 lbs147 lbs201 lbs261 lbs
6559 lbs91 lbs133 lbs182 lbs236 lbs
7054 lbs82 lbs119 lbs164 lbs213 lbs
7548 lbs74 lbs107 lbs147 lbs190 lbs
8043 lbs66 lbs96 lbs131 lbs171 lbs
8539 lbs60 lbs86 lbs118 lbs153 lbs
9036 lbs54 lbs78 lbs107 lbs138 lbs

Box Squat Overview

Box Squats enhance lower body strength and power by focusing on controlled descent and explosive ascent while ensuring correct squat depth.

Muscles Worked

Equipment Needed

Box or Bench, Barbell

How To Perform the Box Squat

  1. Position a sturdy box or bench behind you at a height where your thighs are parallel to the ground when seated.
  2. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and toes slightly pointed out.
  3. Hold a barbell across your upper back, gripping it firmly.
  4. Engage your core and maintain a neutral spine.
  5. Initiate the squat by pushing your hips back and bending your knees.
  6. Lower your body under control until you sit briefly on the box.
  7. Pause momentarily without relaxing fully.
  8. Drive through your heels to stand back up explosively to the starting position.
  9. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Want to perfect your form? Check out our detailed guide on Box Squat for proper technique and tips.

Pro Tips for Box Squat

  • Ensure the box height allows your thighs to be parallel to the ground when seated.
  • Do not relax completely when sitting on the box; maintain tension.
  • Drive through your heels to engage glutes and hamstrings effectively.
  • Keep your chest up and core engaged throughout the movement.
  • Avoid bouncing off the box to prevent injury.

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