WARNING: Do Not Attempt James Harrison’s Insane Workouts

Steelers linebacker James Harrison is notorious for posting his crazy workouts to his Instagram account. Occasionally he’ll brag about his feats, but most of the time he lets them speak for themselves. He’s done everything from a 135-lb single-arm barbell (yes, barbell, not dumbbell) shoulder press to a 385-lb plates-and-chains barbell bench press. He even has big shots like Phil Heath commenting on his videos with emojis of astonishment and encouragement.

One of his latest posts is no different. Here, he’s seen pushing a 31-plate sled and even jokes he might go for 39 later this week to celebrate his 39th birthday.

Here’s the video of his 135-lb single-arm barbell shoulder press:

And one of his three-rep, 385-lb plates-and-chains barbell bench press:

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