BREAKING: Reports Claim ‘Rich Piana Passed Away’

Breaking: just learned that Rich Piana Passed Away.

Our condolences to his family.

Rich Piana was placed into a medically induced coma after suffering a medical emergency at his Florida home.

For The Latest Updates:

Rich Piana, 46 Dies Two Weeks After He Was Placed In Coma Following A Medical Emergency


We are following this story and will keep you updated as it develops.

RIP Rich!!!

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Comments 1,824

  1. Robert Sætre Håvard Elias Hovet Aas

  2. Avatar Lukino Gym says:

    No fucking waaaay


  3. That’s cool. I like this!!

  4. Koen Castelein

  5. Max Nats Watermeyer Henning Germishuys Kobus Porter

  6. Avatar Brody Lord says:

    Jeff Griffin RIP Rich

  7. My God ….R.I.P Brother……

  8. what the hell after mcgarver now rich piana dammn

  9. Lisa Passalacqua Lauren Townsend

  10. Jason SearlJosh Irwin

  11. Tyler Van Minsel

  12. Michael Mullarkey wtf

  13. Aaron Rampage Hooper

  14. CAmeron JEwanScottBrianDave

  15. Darren Elliott

  16. Yongama Thole it was Dallas’s now this guy ay Joe kunzima

  17. Vale Rich Piana

  18. Omg ! Another bodybuilding death.. what is happening this year.
    Drug abuse, roids, what is it ??

  19. Avatar Pita Ruka says:

    Joey D P Wallace

  20. Brett Sheppard

  21. Omg no lo puedo creer quizás es una mentira

  22. Avatar Michael Py says:

    Nothin on google says this is true

  23. Avatar Wisam Tank says:

    Nawras Chuck

  24. Will Smith no way

  25. Toni Gratzke Meike Kay

  26. Braden Crawford

  27. Simon Courtney

  28. Avatar Marv Noya says:

    Jay Dee damn..

  29. José Matías Garrido

  30. R.I.H brotha! Prayers go out to his friends and family

  31. Avatar Mike Mark says:

    Jack Mellor

  32. Pete Lee ze gaan allemaal

  33. Stevan Flores Gary Phillips Nick Gonzales JP Lopez Steven Quiroz

  34. Avatar Aziz Rizk says:

    Ziad Feghali

  35. Avatar Jeff Payne says:

    Mike Fury wtf

    • Avatar Mike Fury says:

      Yeah I knew he had been in a hospital drug enduced coma but it sounded like he was getting better! I know the paramedics reported there was cocaine scattered but his home when they were called out!

  36. Whaaaaat no wayyy! Didnt they say he was doing better like 2 days ago? Man I hope this isnt true 🙁

  37. Drugs. No surprises

  38. Avatar Tom Gough says:

    James Hobson no way

  39. Dwayne Raemakers Djarley Zeilmaker Sven Westerhout

  40. Nash Palma Rocky Harvey Shawn Miguel

  41. Sebastian Vasloban

  42. Avatar Bredvig JP says:

    It’s true damn sad

  43. Avatar Phil Tatta says:

    So sad …..RIP

  44. dallas and rich seriously?

  45. Abel Vela Torres

  46. Borys Lublewski

  47. Avatar Nick Gaona says:

    Andrew Pocaigue

  48. Alejandro Rivera Jr.

  49. Steven Ravestein Sander Sanderos Riviera Los Santos Jim Meijer

  50. Sean Mcdonald

  51. Renee Re Karanja Leon Marley Is this for real?

  52. Is this true or some fucking fake news?

  53. Daniel Agerbech Hansen

  54. Kazimierz Marszalek

  55. Harsh Singh Rhys Carl Kipling

  56. Stephen Feileacan Halleron fuck !!

  57. Patay na may ari ng mutant mass Marvin Rillon Robert Francisco

  58. Mark Gram Jørgensen

  59. Mahmoud Abd El Rahman Ziad El Azizi Hany A. Sorour

  60. Edgar Cabrera Luis Cabrera

  61. Whaaaaat? Tumelo Sean Mmolai

  62. First Dallas, now him?! This is bullshit RIP

  63. Avatar Lee Buck says:

    Rich himself always spoke openly about knowing the risk of what he was doing and said he accepted the risk and any consequences that came with it.That being said he’s still passed away to soon.Also thank you for all the advice and knowledge I learnt from your videos,very much appreciated.R.I.P

  64. Hope its bullshit…..

  65. Avatar Andy Garza says:

    you bastards

  66. Davis Gurton Martin Williams Max Priestley

  67. Giuliano Ramirez

  68. If you’re not competing get off the juice or at least run a reasonable stack. Piana carried way too much body weight, muscle or not and it and the drugs stresses the cardio system.

  69. Link isn’t working so I assume its bullshit.

  70. Jackson Jordan Rhys Karakyriacos

  71. Tomas Rauckis
    Tony Hooton

  72. Avatar Modjy Ava says:

    Beun de Haas

  73. Richie Weeks Matthew Schleuning Matthias Hency

  74. Joshuah Lee Perez

  75. George De Angel Smh bro

  76. Gregg Tazzioli Steven Mcdermott

  77. Kegham Kazandjian bro this is fucked up. Loved that guy!

  78. Matthew Deuse

  79. Not really shocked. He did massive amounts of drugs…and not just roids.

  80. Avatar Menn Oo says:

    Wessel Kramer

  81. Jonathan Aceves

    • Fuckn Rich I’m Sadd bro you are a inspiration brotha you were the only one who never denied the use of juice always were open much respect #1dayyoumay. Rip rich

  82. Alex Prajisteanu

  83. Robert Lambrelli

  84. Tom Shelton as soon as I opened fb

  85. Daryl Henderson

  86. Avatar Simon Lees says:

    Tom Webster wtf is goin on !

  87. Johnny Johannessen

  88. Matty Jackson

  89. Thomas Smakiqi Malmo

  90. Nathan Shephardson

  91. Tony William another one bro..Damn

  92. It’s unverifiable, could be fake news again or another one of Rich’s publicity stunts.

  93. Avatar Adam King says:

    Alex Webb Rj Ryan Johnson

  94. It’s really sad and heart breaking,R.I.P Champ!!



  97. Raja Syafiq Faris Hassan Khan Ashkan DT Before this it was Dallas. Now, it’s Rich Piana.

  98. life is so bizzare….why… R.I.P….Rich Piana…your up there with the best….

  99. Avatar Ryan Dean says:

    Mark Egdell

  100. Any one else think these two deaths are probably linked to the pressure of being ready for the Olympia ?
    I don’t know if they compete (I know rich didn’t anymore) but he did expo so its a big revenue stream.
    Maybe they push to hard on non steroids (insulin , DNP , diuretics etc)
    If I stood to earn a years wages (probably hundreds of thousands ) from how I looked in a few weeks I might take a risk to .

    I know they are saying choking in food for the younger guy but there was talk of maybe a mistake with an insulin shot to (rumours )

    • Does it fucking matter?!?! Two men are dead and two sets of families, friends and love ones are suffering right now….who gives a shit what your “rumors” say?!?
      Do you go on every fat persons obituary and start taking about how being obese leads to death?!?!

      Small minded fuck!!!

    • Dallas mccarver had potential to become an Mr Olympia , but in no fucking way did rich piana , rich took huge amounts of juice although he didn’t even compete so that in itself was pointless, and had pmaa infused arms …also his physique wouldn’t even win a national show , he’d be lucky to win a amateur show at best. Rich was a promoter of the bodybuilding sport and a entertainer and he did that in a very good and successful way.

    • Social media pressure

    • Alex Prajisteanu lol

    • Dallas wasnt doing the olympia this year he was taking a year out to progress for next year

    • Thanks for the replays fellas , I was hoping it wouldn’t cause any hard feeling .
      I think I watched a video where rich talked about trying to compete but admitting he couldn’t get his body to respond no matter what , but won mr California back years ago ?
      I didn’t know who the other guy was (apologise for that)

      But if he wasn’t comparative this year wouldnt he be making the effort to look sick at the expo side of the Olympia , I’m sure they can earn big money and it’s an opportunity for future Sponcer’s to see you and meet you ?

      Anyway a side from
      My ignorance in the bb world it’s a huge shame they died no matter what the cause .

    • No. Neither was competing this year

    • Rich always did crazy things. He did compete many years ago but after his highest ever placement was 10th he realized he just wasnt cut out for olympia and retired to supplements and his own brand and also became an entertainer of sorts. He did bring a lot of knowledge and exposure to what used to be considered the secret side of bodybuilding.

      Dallas collapsed at the Arnold Australia earlier this year from an upper respiratory infection that mixed with his contest prepped body actually hospitalized him for several days. After that he said he was going to change everything and take the rest of the year off from contests to get straight. He has been having breathing problems all this time and if some food went down the wrong pipe mixed with that and no one is around to help him its quite reasonable to see how he choked to death.

      I dont know if Rich has passed or not but he was a really good guy overall and always made time for the fans. When he was away from the cameras he was very knowledgeable and quite funny and very easy to be around. I met and talked with him on a few different occasions. If he really has passed its another sad instance. He always pushed himself past normal limits and the reports all say that he passed out and hit his head. If he had not hit his head Im pretty sure he would have been alright. My prayers go to both families.

    • M.e. O’Brien-Hughes tyrants for the information and reply .

    • Dustin Soest ok

    • He overdosed on cocaine and Dallas choked on food, neither death had anything to do with “pressures”. Rich took ridiculous amounts of steroids and growth(more than any pro’s take) and was not a healthy guy

    • One was choking to death on food the other was overdosing and being in a coma.. so no..

    • Richard Lovato thanks yeah a few have said now , I’m not a body builder so not that Clued up .
      Everyone knows who rich was I think.

    • The thing with taking insulin is, it actually doesn’t add any statistically significant muscle mass, only fat.

    • James Fiddler I thought it was “the most anabolic substance on earth ” or is that one of those things that sounds great but is actually crap .
      Seems to big a risk to me . But I have no ambition to be huge or compete

  101. Thomas Powell

  102. Mike Broekhoven didn’t you just showed the pic of this big man babe??

  103. Nt true … fake news

  104. Cole Allen Hjelmberg

  105. Steven Lunden no more 8 hours workouts

  106. John Paul O Connor

  107. Anotha one this week Jean Paula Magpantay

  108. Avatar Dan Brown says:

    Apart from the fact that he’s not?

  109. John Geraghty

  110. Nicolai Fick Sørensen

  111. Hector Gutierrez Robert Zamora Israel Martinez

  112. Avatar Ben Amos says:

    Jack Reynolds

  113. Luis Eric Burrola

  114. Avatar Tiago Dux says:

    Pedro Gomes já foi..

  115. Mark Grech Ifbb Bro is this true

  116. Jan Vanhulle … serieus

  117. Benjamin Harris

  118. Glacier Tyler Rohrer

  119. He’s in a coma fighting for his life

  120. This is a disaster!!
    Seems like black cloud hoovering over bodybuilders heads lately…
    Rip Rich

  121. Oh wow wth Dominic …

  122. Rest In Peace beast!!

  123. Avatar Dom Bale says:

    Jason Hewitt

  124. Michael Petrie

  125. Came to know online he’s in coma due to overdose of drugs, it’s sad n shocking please give priority precious long life at least for your family over drugs,cigarettes,alcohol and then using popping anabolic steroid pills,injections to building up body in epic sizes for a successful bodybuilding carrier

  126. Mike Bruflodt

  127. R.I.P. Rich you inspired millions like my self and u did it honestly not like everyone else in the fitness industry or most of them u wer honestly about the good and bad and informed ppl and aloud them to ma key their own choice my thoughts are with his family and friends at this moment

  128. Anthony Leung 5% nutrition RIP

  129. Tye Bright-Davies Ashley Lindo Delph

  130. David Holbrook

  131. Cody D Parkerson damn

  132. Damn I can’t believe Rich passed away it came out of clear left field wasn’t expecting that at all. RIP Rich

  133. My prayers are for his family with all condolences. let us not judge or assume the cause, but think of the good within the man. God looks at the good within a man and loves us all.

  134. Fuck me. First Dallas, now Rich, both of them way too early. RIP big guys 🙁

  135. Nicolai Rolsting Døssing

  136. TomandFran DavisonWharewera

  137. Wtf no way ? Omg today it’s a sad sad day !!!!! RIP Mutant .

  138. Adam Jones Ralph Meritt Dan Elizabeth

  139. Alexander Sing sweet dreams my prince

  140. Colin van Weers Jurian Dng Mitchell Venema Bülent Sayginer Yassin Omara Tony Elfrink wtf

  141. OMG! What the hell! Friggin love that crazy dude

  142. Avatar Zach Maga says:

    Nick Jeffries holy fuck

  143. Rich rip!! so sad.. Very sad week for bodybuilding .. please just please make this sport cleaner and safer!!!!!

  144. Avatar Mike Reis says:

    It sucks but we all knew he was done when they said he was legally brain dead …when you’re fully brain dead you’re legally dead …RIP rich

  145. Ernestas Šmitas

  146. Avatar Ben Virtue says:

    Jason Bayliss Luke Virtue

  147. Avatar Ay Ce says:

    Ahmed Atteya

  148. Piers Crossland

  149. Sachdeve Singh Ashween Singh

    • E pashe djaliiii , gjynah Ske ci ben! Sic thote dhe kenga “…kujtojn se jan t’pa vdekshem , por jane vetem nje hije…” heret a vone te gjithe vdesin

  150. He’s not dead… its his rest day!

  151. You can say what you want about him but I don’t know anyone that didn’t took at least one of his advice and bring into own healthy or unhealthy style of life.

  152. Ashley Hoedemaeckers

  153. Đúc Tài Bùi

  154. Steven Newman

  155. Oliver Abrar Frederick Schampalanski Jann Thi Max Schimann

  156. Benjamin Heskett

  157. Stuart Macaulay

  158. Jhong Lucas Tenaco

  159. Vincent Ferdinand Kristoffer Sten Hanssen

  160. Nirav Ahir Kartik Patel

  161. Yvonne Kalkers-Verwijs

  162. Tim J Renouf Jimmy Lam Will Henshaw Carlos Berciano RIP

  163. Kršul Jack Daniel Galea Rowan Pritchard Michael Pritchard

  164. Haden Dudley Colin Mosh Mynard

  165. Toto Laluces una Dallas McCarver gi sundan

  166. Avatar Lewis Wood says:

    Mitchell Woodall

  167. It would be helpful to the current and budding enthusiasts of bodybuilding ,if the real and precise cause of deaths are known otherwise we could expect more of these news in future.Rich was a energetic and motivating man , let his soul RIP.

    • All the reports said he passed out and then hit his head. I think thats why he was placed in a medical coma. If he did pass its most likely from that injury. Im sure all the other stuff added into it all but I think the head injury is the most likely thing that actually killed him. Head trauma deaths are much more common than people think.

    • M.e. O’Brien-Hughes may be that’s what happened and if the official reports are exposed it will surely throw a light on many allegations. Loss is a loss, let’s hope all gets better with his family and closed ones..

    • He overdosed on coke, had heart failure then fell and hit his head.

  168. Tama Tipene-Colpman

  169. Mitchell Henderson Luke Thomas Demchy

  170. Jack Morecroft Jamie Jones

  171. Jonas Grønning ham jeg fortalte om igår

  172. Joel Scott Flickinger