Olympia Results: 2017 Olympia Men’s 212 Results & Prize Money

Olympia 2017 Men’s 212

Some people had fears that the Classic Physique division would start to make 212 obsolete… But the 212 division keeps getting bigger and this year it has the distinction of the finals happening on the same Saturday night as the Men’s Open at Olympia 2017.

The Olympia 212 has now come to a close and the results are in! Find out the results below:

Olympia 2017 Olympia Men’s 212 Results & Prize Money

1. Flex Lewis, $40,000
2. Ahmad Ashkanani, 
3. Jose Raymond, $10,000
4. David Henry, $5,000
5. Derek Lunsford, $3,000

Olympia 212 Gallery:

212 Olympia Winners History

  • 2016 Flex Lewis
  • 2015 Flex Lewis
  • 2014 Flex Lewis
  • 2013 Flex Lewis
  • 2012 Flex Lewis
  • 2011 Kevin English
  • 2010 Kevin English
  • 2009 Kevin English
  • 2008 David Henry
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Henry Sieczkos

40k for first, what a joke…

Steve Jones

Only 40k.

Jim Johnson

$40k for flex? That’s it? Fucking Jew bags. What joke, the whole sport is a complete joke. Raymond deserved a better placing.

Billy Greene

When was the last time you guys made $40,000 for two nights work?

Zakaria Hulk Zerhouni

I will never stay awake to watch an olympia again .
Phil doesn’t dereve this win
The real dream killers are the fucking judges

Shantikumar Longjam

Wtf…. so much diff, i know thy dnt do it for the money much respect, but i know lewis would if cmes in to the open category its easy top5

Manuel Captanis

What a fucking joke $40k

Siviwe Svigee

Undisputed champ

Lee Chunk Nightingale

He should step up to the open if he was bothered about the money. He’d def place well.. shame. Winning 212s will never the same as winning the open. Not even close. But winning gives him good sponsors etc.

Chris Wightman

Flex was so soft looking compared to #2. Where was the roadmap of veins that comes with the perfect conditioning? #2 had it, and everything else. Politics as usual.

Craig Blazevich

Some say, “not bad pay for 2 nights work.” Which actually isn’t right. That’s $40k for years worth of work. And specifically the last year. Training day in and day out. The insane grind and dieting these guys do. Dragging yourself into the gym when you just want to stay home. Getting those last reps in when you’re gas tank is empty. Just like a fighter, the work is in the preparation. $40k isn’t much at all. Time for Olympia to step up the 212 payouts.

Chanchai Archit

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Rohan Mattheus

Why is there such a big difference in price money between the open class and 212 division?

The 212 guys work equally as hard as the guys competing in the open class, so why the difference in price money?

Netta Meca

Rodney Burnett you see this 40,000 prize money??

Richard Chase

Bit shocked at how crap the prize money is in this class they deserve more in my opinion

Ryan West

At least give them $100k. $40k is garbage!

Giles Hamilton

Don’t know about anyone else but i think the $40k for the winner of the 212 is a insult considering Mr Olympia gets 400k …id bet his food bill is more than that ….