Reasons Not To Compete In Bodybuilding Shows

Compete in Bodybuilding Shows

To Compete Or Not To Compete!

Many of you have probably dreamed of appearing in front of the audience, showing your lovely muscles and gains, and earning applause. Bodybuilding competitions mean you are extremely serious about your body and power. Some of us would do everything to be on the stage with super muscular, ripped bodybuilders and give them a hard time.

We assume this might be your dream, especially when you build Hulk-looking body. But when you finish this article, you might have a dilemma whether this is a great choice or not.op

Ultimate Reasons To Stay Away From Bodybuilding Competitions

We present you our magic top five list. Who knows, maybe you can find an advantage to each of our excuses!


You need to have a specific genetics to be able to win in bodybuilding competitions. You can train hard, eat great, and take the best supplements, but there are few things that are not dependent on you only. When you have genetically weak muscle group, you may train it six times per week, it will be your Achilles tendon on the stage.

Muscle proportions are also another problem. Someone might have super strong legs but weaker arms. Maybe you have too much visceral body fat and you cannot remove it from your stomach. Someone with better genetics will have better chances to defeat you.


When you prepare for the show, your muscles need to look the best possible. It means you mustn’t eat sweets for a very long period of time, drink a beer, or go out with your friends late up at night. Being a professional bodybuilder means living like a robot.

You will have to find a partner who can tolerate you and adjust towards your needs. It is very hard since today everybody tries to survive and have a well-paid job. And you will always lack in money.


The Fear Of The Stage

Some of us are shy by nature. You need to look relaxed in front of many people! Judges follow every single movement, and a wrong muscle contraction means you can lose! You may have the best gains in the world, when you don’t know to show it, it might be a problem.You think posing is easy. Do you know that the legends of bodybuilding were visiting posing classes? You have to be stone cold while you show your overwhelmed gains to the spectators. Turn off your emotions or don’t compete.


You Are Pushed By Someone

Really, what are you trying to prove? You should do this for yourself because you love it because this is your choice. If someone is pressing you, it increases the level of stress. You should have supportive friends and family but you mustn’t follow others’ dreams.

You need to have a good coach who can help you have a chance against a very tough competition. Someone needs to help you improve your physique, not to stand all the time above your head and control your everyday routine.

Skin Issues

Bodybuilders have syringe marks and skin issues. Many bodybuilders even stay away from tattoos since it won’t put their gains in the fore. But maybe you are a fan of tattoos. When someone cannot handle acne, it is the best to think twice before trying the competition out.

A sharp eye will notice the difference between healthy and bad skin in the split of a second. We recommend you visit a dermatologist before you start your bodybuilding career.

Hair Removal

Maybe you are a fan of retro style who doesn’t like to shave his armpits, legs, hands… when you go on a bodybuilding competition, hair might be your enemy when it comes to showing off. So, if you cannot handle all the pain required to remove it, you will have a hard time!

Final Word

Compete in Bodybuilding ShowsBodybuilding competition is a lot more than just a simple show-off. You need to satisfy the audience, judges, and yourself. Are you ready to forget about your favorite food, live like a robot, search for a partner who tolerates your schedule, try to compete with someone who has world-class genetics? Can you go through your shyness and become a self-confident competitor?

If you are unable to fit these criteria, we recommend you to stay away from bodybuilding competitions.

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