We are getting close: Phil Heath Shows Some Insane Conditioning 8 Weeks Out.

Just about 8 weeks away from the 2018 Olympia Weekend the 7x Olympia champion Phil Heath shows insane conditioning after a hard workout session. Phil cracks some poses and calls out the other open weight bodybuilders who are already doing the trash talk – Phil says: “they are all talking to themselves” and he will let his physique do all the talking on the stage:

“We’ll Talk In 8 Weeks”

For seven straight years, Phil has proven that he’s the best in the world. The kind of condition he was able to come in for each and every Olympia show (except 2017, where he was not at his best) has been nothing short of incredible.

The Mr. Olympia competition and anticipation is starting to heat up. Check out the above video of Phil Heath and his insane conditioning….

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