Roelly Winklaar will be the biggest challenge to Shawn Rhoden at the 2019 Mr. Olympia!

The 2018 Mr. Olympia has come and gone but as you could imagine, this is a reaction and analysis week! Everyone is giving their analysis, opinions, and breakdowns of “why this happened” and “what will happen” it’s the classic news cycle in bodybuilding post-Olympia.

Bodybuilding legend and the 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler discusses Shawn Rhoden’s Olympia victory, Phil Heath’s loss, Roelly Winkllar’s future and also talk about why Big Ramy was a disappointment, will Dexter Jackson comeback and a lot more…

Shawn Rhoden

“I am happy for Shawn… I stood up and cheered for Shawn because I know what its like… I have to show respect to all champions.

he’s the best without being cocky.. anyone that’s ever encountered with him he’s not cocky, nor he will!!!

This title changes him and that’s what a Mr. Olympia is all about!”

Talking about Phil Heath, Jay says:

“Listen if Phil was at his best I don’t think Phil could be beaten but Phil didn’t show up at his best… he has a stomach issue going on…”

Jay Cuter says he believes peoples’ champ Roelly Winklaar is the future Mr. Olympia and he will be the biggest challenge for Shawn Rhoden next year:

Roelly Winklaar

“I think Roelly Winklaar is a future Mr. Olympia…

I think he’s the biggest challenge to Shawn Rhoden next year because of his size… I think he can overwhelm people you know he’s the people’s champ.”

Check out the above video for the complete Olympia 2018 wrap up as Jay Cutler shares his thoughts on what transpired this year.!

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