Pre JYM Pre-Workout – A Complete Guide

PRE JYM Review

Pre JYM – Pre-Workout Review

Need a healthy pre-workout supplement that contains the BCAAs you need? Here’s a choice that not only provides you with the necessary amino acids but is also easy for the body to absorb.

JYM has been making workout supplements under the support of exercise physiology expert and former Muscle & Fitness science editor Dr. Jim Stoppani. Therefore, it would only make sense that the Pre JYM Pre-Workout supplement would provide you with everything you need for a workout. So, what makes Pre JYM so intriguing and effective for your body?

Key Ingredients

One of the most prominent points about Pre JYM is that it does not contain any proprietary blends. Every ingredient in this product is labeled and measured accordingly. In other words, you don’t have to worry about JYM hiding things from you.

The supplement also includes branched chain amino acids or BCAAs. Such amino acids like leucine, valine, and isoleucine are needed for helping you build muscle mass and reduce muscle breakdown during a workout. The BCAAs also build proteins in your muscles.

The ingredients included also complement each other well. Whereas the caffeine included provides you with a bolt of energy, taurine also keeps you focused and reduces any jittery effects that might come from caffeine consumption.

The high amounts of each ingredient also provide you with a better approach for working out. While you might get 3-4g of citrulline to improve your blood flow for a workout, Pre JYM provides the optimal amount of 6g of this amino acid.

A Closer Review

What Are the Ingredients?

The specific ingredients in here include the amino acids you just read about, including 3g leucine, 6g citrulline, and 1.5g each of isoleucine and valine. But there is much more to this supplement than those key features.

1.5g tyrosine is added to help you focus and to maintain a healthier workout.

600mg cysteine helps to produce an antioxidant effort. The risk of cell damage will be minimal.

500mg beetroot extract is an intriguing part of the product. The extract assists in the production of nitric oxide, thus improving blood flow and endurance levels.

1.5g betaine also helps with improving upon how your body preserves its muscle mass. Betaine triggers the body’s ability to use fats for energy. The 1.5g dose is recommended for bodybuilding purposes.

Can the Body Take It All In?

The supplement includes 5mg black pepper extract to help you consume everything the supplement contains without the struggle. The extract includes piperine, a compound needed for improving upon how well your body can absorb the ingredients of Pre JYM among other supplements.

General Nutritional Factor

You will not take in far too many calories when using Pre JYM. Each serving contains 80 calories and only 2g of sugar and 3g carbohydrates. The low total makes it easier for you to concentrate on your workout and to utilize fat for energy.

30mg calcium is also added. You will require calcium to allow your muscles to relax in between movements.

Easy To Use

You only need one scoop of Pre JYM before your workout. Mix with about eight ounces of water for the best result. Also, take about 30 to 45 minutes before your workout begins.

Does It Taste Well?

The taste may be somewhat sour, what with the BCAAs inside of the product naturally being sour. Therefore, it helps to add enough water to keep the taste from being too rough. The Refreshing Melon flavor has a bit of a cantaloupe taste to it. There are many other flavors to find, including Black Cherry, Raspberry Lemonade, and Orange Mango.

Price Point

You can get a 30-serving container of Pre JYM for $49.99. This is good for about $1.67 per serving. This total is substantially higher in value than what you would get for other supplements, although much of this might be due to the supplement containing BCAAs.

Pros and Cons


  • The label gives you a clear idea of what’s inside
  • Includes the optimal value of each of the key ingredients needed for your health
  • Easy for the body to absorb


  • Maybe sour for some people
  • Contains some artificial colors
  • Costs more than most other supplements

How Does It Compare?

To see how well Pre JYM works, it helps to compare it with others. BSN N.O. XPLODE is one particular pre-workout compound that includes added nitric oxide to help people with getting the best possible blood flow for a workout. The supplement is best for people who might be new to workouts and need extra help with allowing their blood flow totals to move forward. Pre JYM works better for those who are more experienced and need added BCAA support.

Evlution Nutrition ENGN is designed mainly for people who are looking for stronger pumps than what Pre JYM works. This supplement is different in that ENGN includes vitamins B6 and B12 for supporting the synthesis of protein and the breakdown of carbohydrates for energy.

You can also find Cellucor C4 Original powder for your needs. This is better if you’re someone who might be a little too sensitive to caffeine. The powder features the only 150mg of caffeine. But this does not contain taurine to keep it under control like what Pre JYM offers.

A Final Word

The features of Pre JYM Pre-Workout are vital for helping you to get ready for your workout. With all the amino acids and antioxidants included, you will get the energy you demand without the calories.

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  • The label gives you a clear idea of what’s inside
  • Includes the optimal value of each of the key ingredients needed for your health
  • Easy for the body to absorb


  • Maybe sour for some people
  • Contains some artificial colors
  • Costs more than most other supplements

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