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Turkesterone vs. Ecdysterone — Which is Better?

Take your gains to the next level with the two supplements you didn't know you needed.

Vidur Saini
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Thanks to their effectiveness and quick results, turkesterone and ecdysterone have gained a cult following in the fitness and bodybuilding community. 

Sports nutrition is a tricky business. Every year, we see many new supplements hit the market, but they usually last as long as the Iranian Hulk in his debut boxing match

Every few months, a jacked individual blows up on social media (read: internet fitness celebrity) and introduces a new training, dieting, and supplement regimen or lifestyle they market as the next revolution. However, most of these end up being nothing more than fads. 

The sports nutrition market is flooded with variations of whey, BCAA, and pre-workout supps. Most of these supps are similar, the differences being their flavors, dosages, and labels.

After a long time, we are witnessing a couple of supplements — turkesterone and ecdysterone — taking the sports nutrition market by storm and have results to back themselves. 

Arguably, the last time yolked folks got so excited about a supplement was in 1992, when creatine gained mainstream popularity after the Olympic Games in Barcelona when two Olympic gold-medallists credited creatine as part of their success. It’d be safe to say we are noticing a similar fanfare around turkesterone and ecdysterone. [1]

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Trivia: Creatine was first discovered in 1832 when Michel Eugene Chevreul extracted the compound from meat. [2]

In this article, we will go over the turkesterone vs. ecdysterone debate in detail, including their benefits, side effects, similarities, and finally, the best turkesterone and ecdysterone supps on the market. 

Best Turkesterone and Ecdysterone Supplements

With research and user testimonials backing turkesterone and ecdysterone, it is safe to say that, although, in their infancy, these supps are worth giving a shot, especially if you are serious about your gains. 

Best Turkesterone Supplement: Gorilla Mind Turkesterone


Gorilla Mind Turkesterone was one of the first turkesterone products on the market. Gorilla Mind was started by Derek of the More Plates More Dates fame.

It is one of the most popular turkesterone supps. It blends turkesterone with Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin, making it more bioavailable than its peers. 

The product contains 500mg of ajuga turkestanica extract, delivering a pure turkesterone content of 50mg. Its effectiveness and high customer rating make it our top pick. Gorilla Mind stands behind its product with a no question asked money-back guarantee. 

Who Should Buy Gorilla Mind Turkesterone?

  • Those who want turkesterone at the recommended dosage with enhanced bioavailability. 
  • Folks that want a tried and tested turkesterone product. 

Who Should Not Buy Gorilla Mind Turkesterone?

  • Vegans, as the capsules contain gelatin. 

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone Coupon

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone Coupon

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone Coupon

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone contains the most bioavailable form of turkesterone. The product comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy. 

Best Ecdysterone Supplement: Huge Supplements Ecdysterone

Huge Supplements Ecdysterone
Huge Supplements Ecdysterone

Huge Supplements are the makers of one of the most potent pre-workouts — Wrecked. They are one of the bigger sports nutrition companies to have plunged into the turkesterone and ecdysterone trend. 

Huge Supplements Ecdysterone contains 1,000mg of Ecdysterone Hydroxypropyl B-Cyclodextrin Complex. The complex pairs ecdysterone with cyclodextrin, improving absorption of the ecdysteroid in your body. 

The product claims to deliver 98 percent ecdysterone, making it one of the purest and strongest ecdysterone supps. Each two-capsule serving of the supplement delivers 500mg of ecdysterone and 500mg of cyclodextrin.

Who Should Buy Huge Supplements Ecdysterone?

  • Folks who want a well-researched anabolic supplement.

Who Should Not Buy Huge Supplements Ecdysterone?

  • Beginners, as they’ll be better off starting with a turkesterone supp. 

Huge Supplements Ecdysterone Coupon

Huge Supplements Ecdysterone Coupon

Huge Supplements Ecdysterone Coupon

Huge Supplements Ecdysterone is one of the most well-researched, potent, and bioavailable ecdysterone supps on the market. Its clinically dosed formula gets you the best bang for your buck.

Turkesterone vs. Ecdysterone — Definition

Here is a brief overview of the two compounds:

What is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is a concentrated type of ecdysteroid — a naturally-occurring compound in some insects and plants. 

Ecdysteroids have anabolic (muscle-building) and adaptogenic (stress-busting) effects. Therefore, ecdysteroid supplements can help build muscle mass and improve athletic performance. 

Although turkesterone is present in foods like spinach, quinoa, and yams, the quantity is too small to make a difference. Most commercially used turkesterone is extracted from plants like leuzea or maral root and Ajuga turkestanica.

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What is Ecdysterone?

Like turkesterone, ecdysterone is an ecdysteroid compound naturally found in some insects and plants, including spinach. Ecdysterone supplements are also known as spinach extract, 20-hydroxy-ecdysterone, beta-ecdysterone, and alfa-ecdysone.

Notably, the two main steroids found in Ajuga turkestanica are turkesterone and ecdysterone, which make up 0.2–0.4 percent of the dry weight of the aerial parts.

Are Turkesterone and Ecdysterone Steroids?

Shredded Bodybuilder

Ecdysteroids are naturally occurring steroids with a similar chemical structure to androgens, including the male sex hormone — testosterone. 

Do not let the steroid in ecdysteroid excite you. Taking a turkesterone supplement is not the same as taking synthetic/anabolic steroids or testosterone. 

Turkesterone doesn’t bind to the same androgen receptors in the body as synthetic steroids. However, turkesterone and ecdysterone can have some of the same effects as synthetic testosterone in promoting muscle growth.

Finally, turkesterone or ecdysterone are not considered synthetic hormones and are not prescribed by doctors for hormone replacement therapies like TRT. 

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Turkesterone vs. Ecdysterone — Benefits

Both turkesterone and ecdysterone have similar benefits. Let’s go over them in this section. 

Turkesterone Benefits

Here are the potential benefits of supplementing with turkesterone:

1. May Help Build Muscle Mass

Turkesterone supplements are usually marketed as muscle and strength-building products. Although more research is needed to verify turkesterone’s muscle-building effects, user reviews indicate that the ecdysteroid delivers on its promise. 

2. Can Improve Recovery

Supplementing with turkesterone can help repair muscle fibers after a workout. Plus, it aids in muscle glycogen replenishment, which quickens your recovery post-workout. 

3. Might Improve Exercise Performance 

Ecdysteroids can improve your workout performance by enhancing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthesis. Quick ATP replenishment between sets shortens your rest time between sets, helping improve your workout intensity and performance. 

4. Has Adaptogenic (Stress-Fighting) Effects

Like ashwagandha or Rhodiola, turkesterone has stress-busting properties. It can support mental and physical health by optimizing your stress and fatigue coping mechanism. 

Several users report improved sleep and reduced anxiety, brain fog, and feelings of burnout while supplementing with turkesterone. 

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Ecdysterone Benefits

Adding ecdysterone to your daily regimen can entail the following advantages:

1. Helps Muscle Building

Since ecdysterone and turkesterone are both ecdysteroids, they have similar benefits. Besides putting your body in an anabolic state and improving protein synthesis, ecdysterone boosts red blood cell production and can result in bone remodeling and growth.

2. Might Improve Insulin Sensitivity

A 2009 research conducted by Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Louisiana, found that ecdysterone supplements could support metabolic health by preventing insulin resistance, hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), and obesity. [3]

3. Enhances Athletic Performance

A 2019 study conducted on 46 subjects concluded that ecdysterone contributes to greater muscle strength, reduces fatigue, and eases recovery in young men who exercise.[4]

Interestingly, ecdysterone was so potent in these regards that researchers recommended adding it to lists of prohibited steroid compounds among competitive athletes.

4. Might Improve Immune Function

The stress-busting property of ecdysteroids can boost overall immune function by increasing red blood cell count, improving sleep quality, and supporting cardiac function and circulation.

Turkesterone vs. Ecdysterone — Similarities

Bodybuilder Posing

The two compounds have the following similarities:

1. They Are Ecdysteroids

As mentioned above, ecdysteroids can help put your body in an anabolic state, improving cellular protein synthesis. It can aid in muscle and strength gains. 

2. Turkesterone and Ecdysterone Are Not Synthetic Steroids

The two Ajuga turkestanica steroids don’t bind to the same androgen receptors in the body as synthetic steroids, meaning they are not anabolic-androgenic steroids. 

3. They Don’t Have Significant Toxicity Side Effects

Since ecdysteroids do not bind with androgen receptors, they do not yield the typical synthetic roid side effects like liver or kidney toxicity, male pattern baldness, acne, and a drop in natural testosterone levels. According to a study, the anabolic activity of ecdysterone is mediated via binding to the estrogen receptors (ER), particularly ER beta. [4]

4. Turkesterone is an Analog of Ecdysterone

Turkesterone and ecdysterone (20-hydroxyecdysone) are notoriously similar, especially when you look at their chemical structures. 

Turkesterone vs. Ecdysterone — Differences

Although turkesterone and ecdysterone are more similar than they are different, here are a couple of differentiating factors:

1. Ecdysterone Has Studies Conducted on Humans Backing its Claims

Of the two ecdysteroids, ecdysterone has a few published studies conducted on humans backing its claims. Researches conducted in 2015 and 2019 confirm the effectiveness of ecdysterone. [4][5]

Notably, both studies concluded with a suggestion to classify ecdysterone as an anabolic agent and listing it in the category “S1 Anabolic Agents” on the list of prohibited substances of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

“The anabolic potency of the ecdysterone was comparable or even higher as found for the anabolic androgenic steroids, SARMs or IGF-1.” — “Ecdysteroids: A novel class of anabolic agents?”

2. Turkesterone Might Be More Potent

A study on rats found turkesterone use resulted in a greater weight gain than 16 other steroids, including dianabol (nerobol) and ecdysterone. [6]

Notably, there is no data to back the effects of turkesterone on humans. However, the study puts it on a pedestal, even though marginally. 

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Turkesterone vs. Ecdysterone — Risks and Side Effects

Because turkesterone and ecdysterone are ecdysteroids, many people question their safety.

Turkesterone and ecdysterone are considered to be generally safe as long as they are not overused. 

Ecdysteroids are considered safer than other anabolic steroids because they do not bind to androgen receptors (AR). Mingling with ARs is the main cause behind side effects related to gear use like appetite loss, mood swings, low libido, hair growth, and deteriorating skin health and sleep. 

Reported turkesterone side effects include nausea, upset stomach, lightheadedness, and other digestive issues. However, taking the ecdysteroid after a meal can help minimize the chances of these side effects. 

Notably, ecdysterone is on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) 2021 Monitoring Program list, meaning WADA intends to gather more information about the substance to decide if it should be prohibited. 

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There is no standardized dose recommendation for turkesterone and ecdysterone, and more research is needed to determine the optimal dosages. 

While taking a turkesterone and ecdysterone supplement, you should stick with the brand’s recommended dosage. First-time users should start with a fifty percent dosage for the first couple of months to test their tolerance. 

A general recommendation is to take a turkesterone supplement in dosages of 500 milligrams per day. On the other hand, some people report taking 500 to 1,000 milligrams of ecdysterone — typically in two equally divided doses — without any side effects. 

Even though both these compounds are ecdysteroids, you can take turkesterone and ecdysterone on and off for long periods. Plus, unlike synthetic steroids, they don’t require you to undergo post-cycle therapy to help balance hormones.

What to Look For in a Turkesterone and Ecdysterone Supplement

Since turkesterone and ecdysterone are relatively new supplements and very few established sports nutrition companies are manufacturing the supps, you need to be extra cautious while shopping. These are the things to look out for:

  1. Dosage Transparency: You should steer clear of products that hide their formula behind proprietary blends.
  2. Fillers: Many brands spike their formulas with fillers to cut corners.
  3. Brand: Hormonal supplements like turkesterone and ecdysterone should be bought from a trustworthy brand.


Yes, turkesterone and ecdysterone supplements can be purchased over the counter and online. Plus, no pro sports organization has these compounds on their banned list, making their use legal.

How long before the effects of turkesterone and ecdysterone kick in?

Customer reviews suggest you’ll be able to notice the improvements in your physique within the first couple of weeks of using the ecdysteroids.

Can you stack turkesterone and ecdysterone?

Yes, you could take turkesterone and ecdysterone together. However, it is not recommendable as you might have to adjust your dosages since both these supplements are sourced from the same plant and have similar effects.

Wrapping Up

Turkesterone and ecdysterone are both natural phytoecdysteroids derived from the same plant. They are similar in their chemical structure and produce similar results.

Lifters following an optimized training regimen — training, diet, and recovery — are best positioned to extract the maximum benefit from turkesterone and ecdysterone use.

If you have to choose one supplement, we’d recommend going with the Gorilla Mind Turkesterone. Although ecdysterone has more research backing its claims, user testimonials tip the scales in turkersterone’s favor. 

Note: The content on Fitness Volt is for informative purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice to diagnose, prevent, and/or treat health problems. If you’re suffering from a health issue, are pregnant, or are under 18 years old, you should consult your physician before starting any new supplement, nutrition, or fitness routine.


Fitness Volt is committed to providing our readers with science-based information. We use only credible and peer-reviewed sources to support the information we share in our articles.
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