Sylvester Stallone Works Out with Michael B. Jordan on the set of ‘Creed II’

Creed Sylvester Stallone

Watch as Creed Star Achieves Dream by Training with Stallone

Within one week the second installment of Creed will be hitting the cinemas, meaning that if you haven’t already watched the first film, there’s no time like the present. Michael B. Jordan of course doesn’t need to watch the films as he was a part of it but this didn’t stop him from living out a dream in the filming of the hit film.

However, as well as having great memories of shooting the boxing drama, he has also recently revealed that he accomplished a life dream- by practicing his boxing technique with Rocky himself.

We can all agree that we have probably seen the end of Rocky Balboa in a professional boxing bout, but there is nothing wrong with doing a little bit of boxing work to help stay in shape, especially considering that he is the trainer of Adonis Creed.

The most common way of preparing for big fights is by using the speed bags. In fact, there is an iconic scene in Creed where both Adonis and Rocky are both striking the speed bags at the same time.

Jordan recently took to Instagram to post a little sneak peek for the fans after going through old videos and photos on his phone. He has always said that he watched the Rocky films growing up (who didn’t) and stated that the chance to strike the speed bag with Sylvester Stallone was ‘surreal.’

Not only has he already lived this dream, but he is doing it all over again in Creed II, with more scenes of the two training. Jordan has worked on various projects, but getting to work alongside Stallone in the Creed movies allows him to relive his childhood.

The second installment of Creed follows on a few years after where the first film ended. This time, Adonis will be faced with an opponent that Rocky will be far too familiar with. All of us will remember the heartbreaking scenes when Ivan Drago killed Apollo Creed in Rocky IV. This time Creed will attempt to get vengeance for his father by taking on Ivan’s son- Viktor. Creed discovers pretty early that he must enlist the help of Rocky to overcome the biggest challenge of his career. In the final half of the first film, things were not looking good for Rocky, so it will be interesting to see how we find him in this latest release. One thing is for sure, it will likely be an epic encounter between Adonis and Viktor.

The second installment of Creed opens on November 21st, be sure to check it out.

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