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9 Best Appetite Suppressants Reviewed for 2022

An Effective Solution to a Healthy Lifestyle 

Ash, ACE, MSc

Written by Ash, ACE, MSc

Last Updated onFebruary 8th, 2020

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Have you been looking to reduce your weight? Is being fit and strong a way of life for you? Are you a person who craves for food often and especially between every meal? How can you curb your hunger levels and stay healthy at the same time? Appetite suppressants are always a perfect solution in this regard. It will reduce your food cravings and the way you desire to eat food. 

These products serve as dietary supplements and can increase the healthy nutritional content in your body to a large extent. It is a great way to control your appetite at the same time. These are rich in fiber, increases the metabolism levels, help you stay with good mental focus and energetic all the time. 

Appetite Suppressants come in a variety of flavors and are very delicious to consume every day. There are products with natural ingredients and have no added preservatives or flavors that are bad for your health. However, purchasing the right product is very much essential. You need to know the basic features of these products as well as look for nutrition and health claims (1) before choosing a product. These include the ingredients, manufacturing methods and standards, and their dosage and side effects.

Here in this article, we have compiled a complete guide that introduces you to some of the most successful products in the market, their key features, pros and cons, benefits, dosages, and side effects. So, without any further ado, let us get started..!!

Editor’s Choice Product – Genius Diet Pills Review 

Genius Diet Pills is one of the safest products to reach your weight loss goals. It has natural ingredients that can help you reduce weight by reducing your food craving levels.  


  • Satiereal Saffron ingredient decreases the appetite levels by over 30%
  • Reduces sugar cravings to a large extent as well
  • Reduces anxiety and keeps you mentally free
  • Caffeine-free product
  • Reduces hunger levels and the quantity of food intake
  • Contains natural 5 HTP for effective results

 The effectiveness of this product can be realized only after consuming for longer periods of time but it’s a worthy wait as it has all-natural ingredients.

Detailed Product Reviews

1-Genius Diet Pills Review

Genius Diet Pills
Genius Diet Pills

Key Features:

  • The Satiereal Saffron ingredient decreases the appetite levels by 32%. 
  • You will easily witness the decrease in hunger levels, duration between meals, and the quantity of food intake. 
  • You will cut down on sugar also. 
  • This product works steadily and shows weight loss happens gradually over a long period.

Makers: The Genius Brand

Ingredients: Satiereal Saffron extract, 5 HTP seed, Cellulose, Organic Rice Hulls, Palmitate, Vegetable capsule, and Ascorbyl for Vitamin C. 


  • Reduces anxiety and keeps you mentally free
  • Caffeine-free product
  • Contains natural 5 HTP for effective results


  • Takes a lot of time to witness results on the body

 This is a natural product that has no means to harm your body in any way. It is very safe and secure to consume. Hence, rated 10 out of 10 among other suppressants.  

Best Price

Genius Diet Pills

Genius Diet Pills are clinically tested, 100% caffeine-free. Reduce your hunger, safe weight loss. Mental comfort with mood enhancement.

2- Saffron 8825 Review

Saffron 8825
Saffron 8825

Key Features:

  • Every vegetarian capsule of this product contains 88.5mg of pure safranal that can ignite weight loss by reducing food cravings. 
  • It does not contain any dangerous fat burners for getting lean. 
  • It is gluten and caffeine-free and has no artificial preservatives. 
  • This product does not cause any harmful or jittery changes to your body. 

Makers: 1 Body Brand

Ingredients: Saffron Extract, Rice flour, Vegetable capsule, and Calcium Carbonate


  • Reduces anxiety and supports good mental health
  • Does not contain any stimulants
  • It is CGMP and FDA approved


  • Takes time to react on the body to show positive results

 This is a fair product that supports healthy weight loss methods. When it combines with a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise, it helps you get complete fitness. It has a product rating of 9.9/10

Best Price

Saffron 8825 Appetite Suppressant

Saffron 8825 decreases hunger, reduces cravings and supports mood.

3- Nutratech Aftrafen Weight Loss Aid Review

Nutratech Atrafen
Nutratech Atrafen

Key Features:

  • This product is rich with Apple Cider Vinegar that contains the necessary herbs for safe weight control. 
  • It is proven to decrease food cravings, increase metabolism, and thermogenesis along with fat oxidation. 
  • Contains stimulants to boost energy, mental health, and mood 
  • Manage the cortisol and insulin levels. 
  • Prevents the extent of weight gain by reducing excess calories  

Makers: Nutratech Brand

Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Raspberry Ketone, Green Tea Extract, Kelp Grapefruit, African Mango Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous


  • No pronounced jittery feeling
  • FDA approved and under GMP 
  • Suitable for men and women


  • Takes time to show up results on the body

 If you are looking for an effective way to reduce weight with the right combination of necessary ingredients, then this is the exact product. Product Rating: 9.8/10

Best Price

Nutratech Aftrafen Weight Loss Aid

Nutratech Atrafen is an effective weight loss supplement, improves energy levels, enhances moods.

4- Lean – XT Fat Burner Review

Lean Xt Fat Burner
Lean Xt Fat Burner

Key Features:

  • It helps burn fat easily, boost metabolism, facilitates for lean muscle growth, and improve body nutrient composition. 
  • It contains premium and natural ingredients in the right proportion. 
  • It is safe for consumption as it is researched backed and stimulant-free as well. 
  • Bioperine present increases the level of ingredient absorption in the product. 

Makers: Jacked Factory

Ingredients: Acetyl L Carnitine HCI, Green Tea Extract, Forksolin, Bioperine, L – Leucine, and Hypromellos


  • No artificial colors, preservatives, and fillers
  • cGMP manufacturing standards well maintained
  • Green Tea Extract and Forskolin for fat loss, health and energy benefits


  • Takes time to get acclimatized to our body

 With a rating of 9.7/10, this is a premium product with various added benefits in one bundle that you can always consider for regular use.

Best Price

Lean-XT Stimulant Free-Fat Burner

Lean-XT Stimulant Free-Fat Burner suppresses appetite, burns extra calories, prevents fat storage, promotes fat loss. Zero fillers or dyes in it. Transparent label.

5- Her diet Appetite Attack Review

Her Diet Appetite Attack
Her Diet Appetite Attack

Key Features:

  • It contains antioxidants to detox your body. 
  • It can help women fight inflammation. 
  • It supports good cardio health as well. 
  • It reduces food and sugar cravings to a large extent. It boosts energy throughout the day. 
  • The level of metabolism increases and helps you burn calories soon.

Makers: HERDIET Brand

Ingredients: Raspberry Ketones, Green Tea, Apple Cider Vinegar, African Mango, and Acai Berry 


  • No additional preservatives and artificial ingredients present
  • Contains raspberry ketone that helps the metabolism of fatty acids
  • Mango extracts aid breaking down fat


  • Slightly jittery and anxious for some people

 Scoring 9.6/10, it is a complete product with an essential ingredient in the best combination to curb food cravings! 

Best Price

Her Diet Appetite Attack

Her Diet Appetite Attack cleanses the system, reduces cravings, boosts energy levels, raises metabolism, contains natural ingredients.

6-Fit Tea 14 Day Detox Review

Fit Tea 14 Day Detox
Fit Tea 14 Day Detox

Key Features:

  • This product is enriched with 100% pure and herbal ingredients. 
  • It is packed with good antioxidants essential for complete health and appetite control. 
  • It is a good way to detox your body to get rid of the harmful substances present in the body. 
  • Boost your energy levels, especially in the morning.

Makers: FitTea

Ingredients: Green Tea, Rooibos, Pomegranate, Stevia, Guarana, Lemon Juice, Citric Acid, and Honey     


  • It is clinically tested for purity
  • Tastes and smells very good
  • Bloating of the stomach gets reduced


  • Might be nauseous for some people sensitive to the taste

 This product is a safe, natural, and effective way to reduce appetite. You can boost your energy and detox at the same time! It scores 9.5/10 on our rating scale. 

Best Price

Her Diet Appetite Attack

Fit Tea 14 Day Detox contains all-natural ingredients and packed with antioxidants. Clinically tested.

7- Thermo Pure Product Review

Thermo Pure
Thermo Pure

Key Features:

  • Stimulates the metabolism in our body naturally 
  • Suppresses appetite and control food cravings 
  • Does not get you into a nauseous feeling 
  • Does not give you a crashed or jittery feeling 
  • Contains no banned substances and gelatin
  • Rich in veggie capsules

Makers: ThermoPure

Ingredients: Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Gymnema Sylvestre Extract, Cayenne Pepper, Forskolin, Cellulose, and Magnesium


  • Caffeine-free and accelerates the rate of fat loss
  • No artificial colors or fillers added to increase flavor
  • GS4 Plus formula acts well for fat burning


  • Might cause allergies on sensitive skin

 This product is a natural way to suppress your appetite and facilitate weight loss and an excellent diet pill, especially for women! It has a product rating of 9.3/10

Best Price

Thermo Pure – Stimulant Free Fat Burner

Thermo Pure controls appetite, caffeine-free and increase fat loss. Accelerate metabolism. Contains premium ingredients.

8-Meta Appetite Control Review

Meta Appetite Control
Meta Appetite Control

Key Features:

  • Clinically proven dietary supplement for effective weight loss
  • Helps in controlling the appetite to a considerable extent 
  • Help you get less hungry between every meal
  • Aids in slowing down on your desire to eat more
  • Contains psyllium fiber husk to act naturally on your body

Makers: Meta

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Psyllium Husk, Aspartame, Citric Acid, and Phenylalanine


  • Available in many flavors, tastes very good
  • Along with a balanced diet and exercise, it is a good nutrition
  • Rich in fiber for lowering cholesterol and blood sugar


  • May not suit people with sensitive stomach issues

 This is a fiber-rich, clinically proven, and good quality appetite suppressant with a product rating of 9.2 out of 10.

Best Price

Meta Appetite Control

Meta Appetite Control makes you feel less hungry. It helps control craving between meals. It has 100% Natural Psyllium Fiber Husk.

9- Sheer Appetite Suppressant Review

Sheer Appetite Suppressant
Sheer Appetite Suppressant

Key Features:

  • This product is formulated especially for women’s metabolic needs. 
  • It is powerful and a complete appetite suppressant. 
  • It will reduce your food cravings and help you get lean and fit at the same time. 
  • Rosea extract and Fimbriata powder reduce appetite and boost energy to a great extent. 
  • It contains L methionine that is rich in amino acids and a good fat burner as well. 

Makers: Sheer Strength Labs

Ingredients: Chromium, L – Methionine, Hoodia Gordonni Extract, Caralluma Fimbriata Powder, Rosea Extract, Rice Flour, Gelatin, and Magnesium Stearate. 


  • Helps reduce fat faster and are very effective
  • No proprietary blends or hidden ingredients
  • CGMP tested and very rich in quality


  • Takes time to show effective results on the body

 This is an ideal product to burn fat, reduce weight, and slim down and tone your body muscles and is rated 9 on 10. 

Best Price

Sheer Strength Appetite Suppressant

Sheer Strength block craving, suppress appetite, block fat enzymes. Clinically tested for purity and potency. Formulated for women's.

How did we rank?

The criteria for evaluation took into consideration the positive effects witnessed post the consumption of these valuable products. Some of the important factors that we used to rate the products are discussed below.  

  1. Ingredients – The product is well-preferred when it contains premium and natural ingredients. It should not contain harmful stimulants and additional preservatives.
  2. Effectiveness – These products must be effective in a quick interval of time. It should be able to burn fat rigorously, reduce weight, and boost energy at the same time. 
  3. Manufacturing standards – The products should be manufactured under good manufacturing practices and rich in quality. It needs FDA approval for safe and secure usage.
  4. Side Effects – We mustn’t get indulged with the ill effects. Products should not contain any harmful ingredients, which might cause digestive problems or make you feel uneasy or nauseous all the time upon consuming them. 

Thus, our analysis and ranking are purely based on the above-mentioned factors, results, feedback from different users, and the overall market reach. 

 Who should buy this product?

It is common for people suffering from obesity to be prone to serious health problems such as Type II diabetes, cholesterol, stroke, heart diseases, and so on. Hence, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and your body weight, which can be easily achieved by burning the excess body fat, and keeping your hormonal levels under check. This is where an appetite suppressant plays a key role in helping you inch one step closer to a better and healthy life.  

 If you are a person seeking medical advice for the above reasons, this product is certainly essential. Hunger levels are maintained by ghrelin and leptin. When these are regulated well, the hunger functionality goes proper. However, there exists a craving for your favorite food that motivates you to eat more. It might be your favorite junk food or a sweets, but you certainly eat more..!! This results in an overeating habit that further increases your weight beyond control. The appetite suppressant is just ideal in this situation. 

 Further, appetite suppressants can reduce your weight and curb your hunger levels to a great extent because it prevents you from eating beyond a certain limit. It does not make you hungry between your regular meal timings, which forces you to eat less, and thus, helps you to reduce weight. Additionally, these products burn fat and add the required amount of nutrients needed to maintain a healthy body.  

How do I pick a good appetite suppressant?

As there are many numbers of products available in the market, picking the right appetite suppressant is necessary. But how do we do that? Here are certain important aspects that you need to consider.

  1. Ingredients – It should contain substances that can control appetite and at the same time, benefit your health as well. For example, green tea extract contains the necessary antioxidants to stay strong and fresh all day; raspberry can increase the metabolism levels and amino acids for fitness. Natural ingredients are highly preferred over other substances.
  2. Brand Reputation – The product’s spread in the market and customer reach is very important. Choose a brand that most prefer and buy the one that is internationally acclaimed. Moreover, the company that makes your product should incorporate the best manufacturing standards to ensure healthy and safe practices. In addition to the number of people who purchase the product, you should also account for the number of purchases made to get a clear picture of the brand’s reputation. Hence, the choice of brand of appetite suppressant drugs(2) plays a crucial role in product selection. 
  3. Value for money – The product has to be cost-effective. If you pay some money, the product should be worth using it. It has to give quick results and do not invite any harmful side effects.
  4. Convenience Factor – It should be easy to purchase, consume, store, and carry it anywhere. There are even appetite suppressant toothpaste that is available. 

Look for these basic factors so that you can enjoy having this product and help you accommodate your needs better. 


There are plenty of benefits associated with appetite suppressants. Let us discuss the prominent once here. 

Reduce hunger – Food and sugar craving is a common problem found among a varied section of people. Every kind of person favors different kinds of food. However, the quantity is always on the upper side when the dish is delicious irrespective of the fat content. Overeating can increase body weight to a great extent. Appetite suppressants can curb your hunger levels to a great extent. It can help you reach your weight and health goals easily. You will naturally tend to hate fatty and harmful foods anytime.   

Burn fat – Appetite suppressants generally burn fat through the process of thermogenesis. It tends to help you release the fat storage within the body. Further, this aids in burning fat quickly and as desired. This can also tone your muscles, lose weight, and help you stay healthy. It increases the rate of metabolism, as well. It is an ideal way to look lean and become strong.

  Boosts energy – We regularly plan to exercise; however, the plan keeps dropping because of a lethargic attitude. You feel like working out, but you can’t..!! To motivate you towards exercising every day, energy is certainly required. Appetite suppressants increase your nutrient absorption levels to boost your energy. It increases the level of stamina to help you work harder. It increases your performance levels by enhancing your endurance in any physical activity. 

 Health-focused – It increases your mental focus and keeps it under a good state. Also, it helps in maintaining overall health by supporting various organs like the liver, heart, and digestive system. Appetite suppressants curb your hunger levels and serve as dietary supplements for weight loss (3) as well. 

 Along with these benefits, if you start exercising better and plan on having a balanced diet, you will certainly become physically and mentally powerful.

 Side Effects

Every product has its side effects. There is an optimal level to consume it and how it needs to be used. Let us discuss further on these lines.

  • If the appetite suppressant contains stimulants, it may bring in certain complications to the health. For example, it can increase the blood pressure level, nausea, nervousness, and restlessness. Some people even suffer from insomnia. 
  • It can influence the way the bowel movements happen. People can suffer from frequent fecal urgencies and inconsistent sensation. It can cause constipation in some and diarrhea in some other people. 
  • Very sensitive people suffer from headaches, euphoria, anxiety, dizziness, and dry mouth with dehydration.
  • It is best advised that pregnant women never consume these products as it is prone to bring in any kind of birth defects. 

 Increased usage over a long period can bring in further more complications. It can lead to jaundice, abnormal increase, and decrease in blood sugar levels, and more. It is always best suggested to get your body treated and also get complete medical advice from your family doctor before consuming these products. The level of body sensitivity needs to be researched and analyzed before using these products regularly.

Ideally, there is no specific dosage prescribed for any of these products. However, ensure to consume only those products that well-known and manufactured as per industry standards. Besides, the description on the label provides all the necessary information about each product regarding the ingredients used and the major side-effects, if not consumed properly. Hence, pay attention to the dosage and frequency as mentioned in the label.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What does appetite suppressant essentially mean?

Appetite suppressants are dietary supplements that help people reduce their hunger levels to a great extent. It keeps people regulate their hormonal levels and balance their appetite.

It facilitates quick metabolism and hunger control at the same time. It can additionally boost your energy levels and help you stay mentally focused. It is a healthy way to lose weight.

Are appetite suppressants safe for consumption?

Natural appetite suppressants are considered healthy because it contains organic contents that are safe for health. Also, they do not contain any added preservatives or artificial flavors that can damage health.

They help increase body metabolism and functioning to a good level that is sufficient to maintain consistent hormonal levels that alter hunger patterns.

Are appetite suppressants clinically proven?

Yes, most of the appetite suppressants available in the market are FDA approved and clinically tested. These are called as dietary supplements for a reason! Moreover, these products are made by adopting the best manufacturing practices laid down for higher standards.

In addition, many medical practitioners, these days, even suggest the use of such suppressants to maintain your body weight.

How long does it take to show positive results on the body?

It is best advised to consume this product 30 minutes before food to control your hunger pangs, and thereby restricting you to eat less. However, it takes about 1-2 months to see visible results in terms of reduced weight.

Some of the suppressants are even designed to suit the metabolic functions of a woman, which, in turn, helps them to tone their muscles and stay lean.

Will we lose on fitness by consuming these appetite suppressants?

These products are rich in nutrients that help you get complete nutrition. It has the necessary antioxidants to stay fresh, fiber levels to accelerate metabolism, and other factors to maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

It is an effective way to curb your hunger and at the same time, get all the essential nutrients as desired. It keeps you feel full and energized at the same time. You will see your energy boost helps you with long-time workout sessions.

Is there any age restrictions for consuming these products?

Appetite suppressants are generally suggested for adults. It is not essentially required for children.

After having an appetite suppressant, can you eat anything?

The appetite suppressant is a good way to curb your hunger; that does not mean you can just eat anything. To stay healthy, you can have these products to reduce your food intake. However, it is important that you exercise regularly by working out constructively. Also, you must have a balanced diet that is rich in all the necessary nutrients.


We have discussed the importance of appetite suppressants in our day to day lives. We have seen some of the best products in the market, their features, pros, and cons as well. The criteria for choosing the best product and the essential features are introduced in a detailed fashion. The benefits, side effects, and the recommended dosage give you a better idea of its effectiveness.

We have also looked into some of the frequently asked questions that keep popping in your mind. Now that you have the basic knowledge, you can always infer what is needed for your body to stay healthy. Read and analyze everything that revolves around the appetite suppressant product and choose the best product. Curb your hunger, eat less, stay fit, and stay strong..!!


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Ash, ACE, MSc
Ash, ACE, MSc
Ash is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). She holds B.A. in biology from Rutgers, and M.S. in Exercise Science (Kinesiology) from CBU.

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