Sarah Otazo

Sarah Otazo

Sarah Otazo is a respected nutritionist, holding a FNTP qualification and currently expanding her expertise through a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition. Blending traditional and naturopathic nutritional principles, she excels in crafting personalized, scientifically-backed nutrition plans. Her journey in the field started with a deep interest in how diet affects overall health, leading her to become a skilled practitioner in evidence-based nutritional strategies.

In her practice, Sarah combines the latest clinical research with natural health wisdom, offering a holistic path to wellness. She’s not just academically inclined; her real-world experience shines through in her ability to turn complex nutritional theories into practical advice. Committed to empowering others, Sarah actively contributes to health forums and embraces a client-centered approach. She recently joined as a part-time Nutrition Editor, writing for us and treating each individual’s health journey with empathy and respect.

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