Machine Calf Raise Strength Standards for Men and Women

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Calculate Your Machine Calf Raise Strength Level

Calculate Your Machine Calf Raise Strength

Machine Calf Raise Weight Standards

Compare your Machine Calf Raise performance to these weight standards and see where you stand.

Beginner77 lbs
Novice168 lbs
Intermediate303 lbs
Advanced479 lbs
Elite686 lbs

Machine Calf Raise Bodyweight Ratio Standards

See how your Machine Calf Raise strength measures up relative to your body weight.

LevelBodyweight Ratio
LevelBodyweight Ratio

Machine Calf Raise Standards by Bodyweight

Find the Machine Calf Raise strength standards for your specific body weight.
110 lbs32 lbs89 lbs185 lbs318 lbs479 lbs
120 lbs40 lbs103 lbs206 lbs345 lbs512 lbs
130 lbs48 lbs117 lbs226 lbs371 lbs544 lbs
140 lbs57 lbs132 lbs246 lbs397 lbs575 lbs
150 lbs66 lbs145 lbs265 lbs421 lbs604 lbs
160 lbs75 lbs159 lbs283 lbs444 lbs632 lbs
170 lbs84 lbs172 lbs301 lbs467 lbs659 lbs
180 lbs93 lbs185 lbs318 lbs488 lbs685 lbs
190 lbs102 lbs198 lbs335 lbs509 lbs710 lbs
200 lbs111 lbs211 lbs352 lbs530 lbs734 lbs
210 lbs120 lbs223 lbs368 lbs549 lbs757 lbs
220 lbs129 lbs235 lbs384 lbs569 lbs780 lbs
230 lbs137 lbs247 lbs399 lbs587 lbs801 lbs
240 lbs146 lbs259 lbs414 lbs605 lbs823 lbs
250 lbs154 lbs271 lbs428 lbs623 lbs843 lbs
260 lbs163 lbs282 lbs442 lbs640 lbs863 lbs
270 lbs171 lbs293 lbs456 lbs657 lbs883 lbs
280 lbs179 lbs304 lbs470 lbs673 lbs902 lbs
290 lbs188 lbs314 lbs483 lbs689 lbs920 lbs
300 lbs196 lbs325 lbs496 lbs705 lbs938 lbs
310 lbs204 lbs335 lbs509 lbs720 lbs956 lbs
90 lbs20 lbs59 lbs129 lbs229 lbs353 lbs
100 lbs24 lbs67 lbs142 lbs246 lbs374 lbs
110 lbs29 lbs76 lbs154 lbs263 lbs394 lbs
120 lbs33 lbs84 lbs166 lbs278 lbs413 lbs
130 lbs38 lbs91 lbs177 lbs293 lbs431 lbs
140 lbs42 lbs99 lbs188 lbs306 lbs448 lbs
150 lbs47 lbs106 lbs198 lbs320 lbs464 lbs
160 lbs51 lbs113 lbs208 lbs332 lbs479 lbs
170 lbs56 lbs120 lbs217 lbs344 lbs493 lbs
180 lbs60 lbs127 lbs226 lbs356 lbs507 lbs
190 lbs64 lbs133 lbs235 lbs367 lbs520 lbs
200 lbs69 lbs140 lbs244 lbs377 lbs533 lbs
210 lbs73 lbs146 lbs252 lbs388 lbs545 lbs
220 lbs77 lbs152 lbs260 lbs398 lbs557 lbs
230 lbs81 lbs158 lbs268 lbs407 lbs568 lbs
240 lbs85 lbs164 lbs275 lbs416 lbs579 lbs
250 lbs89 lbs169 lbs282 lbs426 lbs590 lbs
260 lbs93 lbs175 lbs289 lbs434 lbs600 lbs

Machine Calf Raise Standards by Age

Discover how Machine Calf Raise strength standards vary across different age groups.
1567 lbs144 lbs259 lbs409 lbs585 lbs
2075 lbs164 lbs295 lbs467 lbs669 lbs
2577 lbs168 lbs303 lbs479 lbs686 lbs
3077 lbs168 lbs303 lbs479 lbs686 lbs
3577 lbs168 lbs303 lbs479 lbs686 lbs
4077 lbs168 lbs303 lbs479 lbs686 lbs
4573 lbs159 lbs288 lbs455 lbs651 lbs
5069 lbs150 lbs271 lbs428 lbs612 lbs
5565 lbs140 lbs251 lbs396 lbs566 lbs
6060 lbs128 lbs230 lbs362 lbs518 lbs
6555 lbs116 lbs208 lbs328 lbs468 lbs
7050 lbs105 lbs188 lbs295 lbs421 lbs
7546 lbs95 lbs169 lbs265 lbs377 lbs
8042 lbs86 lbs152 lbs238 lbs338 lbs
8538 lbs78 lbs137 lbs214 lbs304 lbs
9035 lbs71 lbs124 lbs194 lbs275 lbs
1536 lbs85 lbs163 lbs269 lbs394 lbs
2040 lbs96 lbs186 lbs306 lbs450 lbs
2541 lbs98 lbs190 lbs314 lbs462 lbs
3041 lbs98 lbs190 lbs314 lbs462 lbs
3541 lbs98 lbs190 lbs314 lbs462 lbs
4041 lbs98 lbs190 lbs314 lbs462 lbs
4539 lbs94 lbs181 lbs298 lbs438 lbs
5037 lbs89 lbs170 lbs280 lbs412 lbs
5535 lbs83 lbs158 lbs260 lbs382 lbs
6032 lbs76 lbs145 lbs238 lbs349 lbs
6530 lbs69 lbs132 lbs216 lbs316 lbs
7028 lbs63 lbs119 lbs194 lbs284 lbs
7526 lbs57 lbs107 lbs175 lbs255 lbs
8024 lbs52 lbs97 lbs157 lbs229 lbs
8522 lbs48 lbs88 lbs142 lbs206 lbs
9021 lbs44 lbs80 lbs128 lbs187 lbs

Machine Calf Raise Overview

The Machine Calf Raise is a strength exercise targeting the calf muscles by lifting your heels while keeping the balls of your feet on a platform, using a machine for added resistance.

Muscles Worked

Equipment Needed

Calf Raise Machine

How To Perform the Machine Calf Raise

  1. Adjust the machine to your height and sit down, placing the balls of your feet on the platform with your heels hanging off.
  2. Position your knees under the pads and ensure they are slightly bent, not locked.
  3. Grasp the handles or sides of the seat for stability.
  4. Start from the bottom position with your heels lowered as far as possible.
  5. Slowly raise your heels by pushing through the balls of your feet, lifting the weight upward.
  6. Pause at the top of the movement, squeezing your calves.
  7. Lower your heels back down to the starting position in a controlled manner.
  8. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Want to perfect your form? Check out our detailed guide on Machine Calf Raise for proper technique and tips.

Pro Tips for Machine Calf Raise

  • Keep your movements slow and controlled to maximize muscle engagement.
  • Avoid locking your knees to prevent injury and maintain tension on the calves.
  • Ensure a full range of motion by lowering your heels as much as possible and lifting them high.

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