WATCH: MMA Fighter Delivers An Explosive Low Blow Seconds Into The Fight

MMA fight in South Korea was ruled a no-contest after just seven seconds when one fighter suffered a devastating kick to the groin.

Myung Hyun-Man was taking on Aorigele in Road FC 39 in South Korea when the painful incident occurred.

Coming into the bout, Myung had a record of 4-3 while 22-year-old Aorigele was 3-2.

Just seconds into the first round, Myung landed a heavy kick between his opponent’s legs. The blow saw Myung’s shin connect perfectly with Aorigele’s nether regions.

Aorigele immediately collapsed, screaming in pain.

Doctors rushed into the octagon and covered the heavyweight fighter with a sheet so they could make the necessary checks.

Watch the video:

There has been no word from Road FC 39 on the fighter’s condition.

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