The Heisman-caliber running back might be the strongest pound-for-pound player in college football. Even though he’s just 5’11”, Penn State star Saquon Barkley towers over his team in the weight room.

The 225-lb running back already has the team record with a 405-lb power clean, and he got the chance to show off for his teammates—and help a good cause—when he got on the bench for the “Lift for Life” program, which helps support kidney disease research.

Barkley banged out 30 reps of 225lbs, impressing his teammates and once again making NFL scouts drool at his strength and future potential, check it out the above vide.

Here’s another look at Barkley, this time crushing some 525-lb squats in the weight room:

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Rich Flouton

4 plates = 700lbs?

Scott Jacobsen

He benched 225 30x. Not a huge deal. Someone at the combine did it like 65x in a minute.

Ezekiel Fernandez

Wrong title for the video lol

Carl Chatman

Are those Castleberry 700lbs or regular 700lbs?

Doug Barnewolt

English not ur fist language? Cuz that ain’t 700 pounds

Anthony Holmes

Jomie you’re in college and math must not be in you courses. That’s 225 all day.

Johnny Pourciau

The plates read “we are penn state” clearly a mistake with the caption and sorry but that is not 700lbs in the pic. Good day