After the open invitation to the 2017 Mr. Olympia many people were hoping that Kai would answer the call to once again compete at the Olympia stage, but Kai Greene informed the masses that he wouldn’t be competing.

Despite the fact that Kai hasn’t competed at the Olympia, the peoples champ has still found his way onto the Arnold Classic stage and still stays in great condition.

Watch the above video of Kai Greene doing guest posing at 2017 Monsterzym Allstar Classic. Kai is known for his unique approach to posing and as always hit the stage with unique style.

Check out the video and let us know what do you think of Kai Greene guest posing routine?

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Craig Welsh

Why does he wear all that stupid gear. Looks like a fukin tranny.

Elijah Hezekiah Gallichio

Maybe he wanted to be in Mortal Kombat when he was younger, YOU DONT KNOW HIM!!!

Kc Miller

He’s weird af

Claude Sansoucy

Think he have some modified abs…remrnber some olympia on abs was flat….probably lot pro as some …kind of tricky oil…see me !!!!

Ekene Okelue Nwankwo

Caricature posing, not impressed..

David Fogle

Waist as wide as the great wall

Robert Leal

The Pink Lady