REPORT: Phil Heath Goes Through Two Major Hernia Surgeries

Phil Heath Hernia Surgeries

The new king of the Olympia stage, the 7X Mr. Olympia Phil Heath is a genetically gifted bodybuilder. After his win at the 2017 Olympia, he has been getting a lot of flack as of late. Many fans believed that Big Ramy deserved the win and there is favoritism being shown to the long-reigning champion. But, Phil Heath is still a 7-time Olympia champion and should be given respect.

But if the champ hasn’t earned your respect yet, then maybe this will change your mind:

“Phil was a day away from a very scary and possibly fatal intestinal strangulation. His belly button was more visible this year due to the fact that his small intestine was literally inside of it, pushing it forward right underneath the skin.” – fiance Shurie

The fact is Phil Heath competed in the Olympia 2017 while dealing with Two Hernias. His fiance Shurie confirmed Heath’s condition on her Instagram.

Phil had two huge hernias. One above his belly button that spread 2 inches wide on each side where his upper intestines were caught within the torn tissue and muscle and a lower abdominal hernia which was apart of his umbilical hernia that he was born with (which was repaired at age 2 and was done horribly wrong) this lower hernia was so bad that it tore from side to side, up and down causing Phil to have a 3 inch hole that was an inch deep and had 4 inches of his small intestines hanging over that hole.

The doctor was able to push his intestines 5 inches back down into his abdomen and tightened his abdomen together and closed the holes. The doctor came to me after the surgery in shock that Phil was able to live this way. He explained that hernias are genetic and Phil was born with very little tissue covering his abdomen. Doc also explained that Phil has been using only half of his abdominal muscles due to his hernia at birth. Phil has been an athlete all of his life, and this hernia was a ticking time bomb. He explained that Phil was a day away from a very scary and possibly fatal intestinal strangulation. His belly button was more visible this year due to the fact that his small intestine was literally inside of it, pushing it forward right underneath the skin. He said out the 20 + thousand hernia repairs he’s done. This was one of the worst he’s seen.

Phil accepts all the hate comes with being a Champion. The reality is… we live in a very troubled and hateful world! Phil and I have received so much vile and hateful comments and even death threats over his “stomach” this year. There is no denying that Phil was incredible on stage…bringing one of his most hard and conditioned packages yet! I’m still in shock he was able to do this all while in pain and days away from being hospitalized.

I would like to thank all of his true fans and those of you who love the sport of bodybuilding. The positive messages that we received did make Phil smile. He’s 7x Mr. O but he’s a human being first! To those of you who realized that… THANK YOU!

We’d like to wish Phil Heath the absolute best for his speedy & full recovery.

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Matei Petrutzz

not sure how to feel about this. brave he competed and won, idiotic he risked his life.

Giannis P Etsi


Mark Nerlich

Let see if lui makes an apology

Niels Beijer

Michel van Gaalen

Christopher Aaron

So that explains his pregnant looks…..

Merlon Pig Fox

So he had his problem but still given the Olympia?

Wesley Cottrell

Wade Cottrell

Roy Mulder Jr.


Ali Mosanna

Aamir Hussain Rizwani

Garret Wood

People be hating on this dude, no idea why. Appreciate greatness.

Brooks Campbell

It’s almost as if they grew somehow…

Chris Dalley

Bonac 2018!!!!

Paris Paraskevas

Giannos Michael

Carl William Horn

Literally bubble-gut

Karim Ayub

thats why his bubble gut, recovered will be unbeatable again

Randy Peregoy

Genova smoked his ass

Frans Buijsen

Siem Goossens

Medo Nour

So when I called him phill the hernia heath I was right , now you can be Mr.olympia with big ass gut and hernia , bodybuilding is over, congrats to big ramy!

Emanuel Oa Oaariki

With a gut that big, I have a chance to compete now

Harsh Sharma

Akshit Makhija that is why he is a champ and I just love him….

Leonardo Nickaprio

This is sad to know but what is ridiculous is the fact he won in such a bad health condition. The judges should not award swollen guts they should punish it. Health over competition…this just says he won by politics and the judges don’t care about bodybuilders health…

Sergio Rosso

Bubble Gut Bonanza !!!

Jeremy Skinner

Glenn Pentecost thoughts?

Gary Roberts

Bullshit who are they trying to kid, fixed, full stop…

Jonas Hansson

All respect to phil heat. Only when u are in his shoes u have the right to say anything. I hope u recover fast champ. God bless you.

William Stopka

I prefer the classic look too but Phil isn’t only one with the gut guys… Had better 3d look to him then other guys. If ramy would of dropped 5 to 10 lbs more for conditioning… Game over. But he didn’t. So phil won. Wait til cedrick comes in with conditioning. He will look like a black greek statue

Tehran Abtin

Such a loser! He gets his wife to write up his bs stories. Jokes

Dennis Coultrip

Now that’s commitment to the sport

Jackson Davis

Benjamin Heskett

Rishabh Chaddha

Saurabh Jain so it begins

Frank Boozer


Phil Stone

When bubble gut Bonanza goes wrong! Vol.1

Jeff Matthews

Shawn Patrick. Called it didn’t I

Josh Jett

Jon Flight

Anthony Aguero

Sly Romero wow

Alexander Reynolds

That’s why Phil Heath is the BEST! No complaining just showing up and getting the job done. He came into the sport with a very weak back and today he has the best back double biceps pose in the game. True champions don’t make excuses.
And if we will be a little bit humane in how we deal with our stars we’ll appreciate that they are just as human as we are, and have had to overcome challenges to be the stars they are.
Wishing Phil Heath speedy recovery.

Alexander Reynolds

… a lot of cold hearted folks on the page. Still hating… when this man fought pain and a life threatening challenge to step on an Olympia stage and to put up such great performance. Yes, it wasn’t his best & he had issues…but that’s irrelevant, because all he needed was to be the best man on stage to win the competition… and he did. As for all time best… everyone has only one of that. And it’s usually at their peak. Shame on haters who can’t see beyond their hate to have a little compassion for a fellow human… Read more »

Joshua McGuigan
Daren Foy

Imagine that!!!

Tai Nguyen

Chrisr bumstead the new face to body building classic physique

Ashutosh Shinde

Adinath Jadhav see the consequences

Abhinav Sharma

Sagar Sukhija benefits of steroids

Jake Van

Conor this is fucked up, I said when watching it to the mrs that he looked like he had a herniated gut, poor lad, no wonder he broke down when he won

Dana N Melinda Calvo

Praying for a good surgery and a speedy recovery!

Romeyo A. Saiid

Despite of Mr. O result .. whether big ramy should have won or not .. let’s give respect to Phil .. it’s not his mistake the result of Mr. O whether wining or losing he did his best and worked hard .. he doesn’t deserve all these negative comments and hate .. these people sacrifice a lot in this sport .. all of them .. u can cheer for your favorite candidate but no need to insult the person that u didn’t want him to win .. wish him to recover well .. spread peace and positive vibes guys ✌️

Lonnie Shelby Smith

This will be the new excuse for his bloated ass gut at the O!

Joey Cummins

I call bs!

Ali Reza

Aydin Zanjani his doneeeee

Mike Palladino

Gerardo Cerda Dayyyyum.

Mike Bucalan

I have learned through this sport that the back makes or breaks a Mr. Olympia. Haney, Yates, Coleman, Jackson, Cutler, and Heath all had thick, detailed backs. Ramy had great detail, but shallower cuts than Phil. I realize it was not the best Phil Heath we hace seen, but Ramy just wasn’t enough this year.