Conor McGregor ‘Jeopardized’ Health of Participants, ‘Assaulted’ Referee – President Mike Mazzulli

Conor McGregor’s Frenzy At Bellator 187

On Friday night’s there were some incredible fights at Bellator 187, but it was UFC fighter Lightweight champ Conor Mcgregor found himself embroiled in yet another controversy after appearing to attack MMA referee Marc Goddard.

McGregor violently stormed the cage to celebrate the victory of his teammate Charlie Ward, who finished John Redmond at the Dublin card.

When referee Marc Goddard intervened to restore order, as Mcgregor was not a licensed cornerman, not allowed to be inside the cage-he shoved referee Goddard and even slapped an official Mike Johnson in the face.

Here you can rewatch it:

Mike Mazzulli, a President of the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports, released an official statement about the last incident via MMAjunkie:

“While the Mohegan Tribe Department of Athletic Regulation (MTDAR) was regulating Bellator 187 in Dublin, Ireland, on November 10th, 2017, the following events took place during the Ward vs Redmond bout. Mr. Conor McGregor who was a spectator at the time, disrupted the event by scaling the cage prior to the conclusion of the bout. Mr. McGregor’s conduct jeopardized the health and safety of the bout participants by delaying necessary medical attention to the fighters that were injured during the round.”

“In addition, Mr. McGregor assaulted Referee Mark Goddard and a Bellator staff. The MTDAR has been in consultation with the upper management of the UFC regarding Mr. McGregor’s inappropriate and unacceptable behavior. The MTDAR has also contacted members of the Association of Boxing Commissioners that have licensed Mr. McGregor in their jurisdictions to inform them of Mr. McGregor’s behavior.”

Commissioner also said any sanction would have to come from a commission that licenses McGregor.

Many fighters have reacted to Conor’s movements, take a look at some of the best ones here:

UFC up and comer Colby Covington making some big statements:

Dan Hardy was quick to obliterate McGregor

Former Bellator champion Will Brooks had a say

Goldy becomes the only man to call McGregor inside the UFC and Bellator!

Derek Brunson spreading rumours?

What do you think? Did Conor cross a line here?

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