Calum Von Moger Shows The Shocking Changes To His Physique After The Surgery.

Calum Von Moger’s Condition After Surgery

Calum von Moger’s physique has changed after his bicep surgery. When a bodybuilder gets injured loses their games it’s no laughing matter. Sure, that could sound mellow dramatic to some of the uninitiated, but the truth of the matter is that bodybuilding takes so much determination & sacrifice that a small injury that prevents you from training can completely derail years of consistent hard work.

No matter how you slice it, that’s completely demoralizing. One day you’re killing it in the gym on a consistent basis, nothing holding you back, the next all your hard earned muscle fades away. It’s a truth that Calum had to face.

Ego Lifting is Bad and Calum von Moger learned the hard way.

Calum injured his bicep while attempting to perform a two-person 400lb curl, with Classic Physique Olympia runner-up Chris Bumstead at Gold’s Gym Venice.

Bicep tear is one of those injuries that can slow your progress tremendously. Any injury can be a setback to an individual’s goals. But a bicep tear means no upper body training whatsoever. It is a major setback for Calum as he was planning to get on to the Olympia stage in 2018, Now Calum will have to put all of his attention on rehabilitation.

Its almost six weeks, Calum is not able to train his upper body, the break from the training and the holiday parties changed his physique.

Calum recently shared a video on his official YouTube channel shows just how much damage the bicep tear has caused him.

Check out the Calum von Moger’s post-surgery video:

It seems not only his arm atrophied, but his entire upper body has suffered the effects of the inability to train.

Check out the above video.What do you make of Calum von Moger’s bicep injury?

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