Arnold Classic Australia 2018: Open Bodybuilding Results And Prize Money

Roelly Winklaar is the new 2018 Arnold Classic Australia champion.

Roelly Winklaar is the new 2018 Arnold Classic Australia champion.

This time ‘The Dutch Beast’ Roelly Winklaar outlasted ‘The Giant Killer’ William Bonac to win the prestigious Arnold Classic Australia 2018 competition.

Roelly Winklaar received congratulations from Arnold Schwarzenegger, a check for $75,000, and the champion’s trophy.

The Arnold Classic Australia 2018 was technically a rematch between the competitors that stood on the stage at the Arnold Classic in Ohio around two weeks ago. The line up was almost the same for the Men’s Bodybuilding as the Arnold Classic Ohio! But we got to see the second return of the bodybuilding legend Kevin Levrone to the stage – perhaps for the last time ever!

Arnold Schwarzenegger: “Congratulations Roelly Winklaar on your first Arnold Classic victory in Australia. You worked so hard to lose those 20 pounds and you were ripped! No stomach, no fat, great posing. All the mistakes of the past were eliminated.”

Arnold Classic 2018 Results & Prize Money

  1. Roelly Winklaar, Netherlands $75000
  2. William Bonac, Netherlands
  3. Dexter Jackson, USA
  4. Lukas Osladil, Czech Republic
  5. Hidetada Yamagishi, Japan
  6. Luke Sandoe, UK
  7. Steve Orton, Australia
  8. Jonathan Delarosa, USA
  9. Jafar Ghaffar Nezhad, Iran
  10. Dennis Wolf, Germany
  11. Nathan Williamson, Australia
  12. Sam Pearce, Australia
  13. Kevin Levrone, USA
  14. Darryn Onekawa, Australia

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Kevin Levrone

Tony Doherty asked everyone to stand up for Kevin Levrone for his last show ever!

Arnold Classic Australia Photo Gallery

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