Phil Heath Answers ‘Kai Greene Retired Because He Got Tired of Losing To Phil’?

Phil Heath: Kai Greene is a great competitor!

Every bodybuilding fan heard of the rivalry between Phil Heath and Kai Greene. It’s no secret Phil and Kai have had quite the interesting relationship during their respective bodybuilding career. Though both men haven’t competed against each for quite some time now, questions still arise about the two great bodybuilders and the rivalry that turned them into household names.

In a recent Q&A video, a fan asked Phil Health:

“If Kai Greene retired because he got tired of to Phil Heath”

Phil Heath gives an explanation:

“No he did not retire, and if he did, he definitely did not retire because of me”

Take a look at the following video, to find out what Phil Heath truly feels about Kai Greene.

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Concerned About Kai
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All I’ll say is that crazy tirade at the Olympia was cringe cringe facepalm. I think the majority of Kai Green fans (like me) felt exactly how Dennis Wolfe looked. Shocked & disappointed. I doubt most KG fans hate Phil Heath. I don’t. After the Train with Kai series ended, it was basically the Phil Heath show. I doubt Kai knows this, but he reached more regular people than anyone other than Arnold with those videos. I’m sure most people, including die hard Phil Heath loyalists miss Kai Greene. He needs to get himself back in the game. There’s thousands… Read more »